Children's story Where is my voice?

Children's story Where is my voice?

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The Day of Peace was approaching, so Anna had prepared a beautiful song for sing at school, but suddenly, something unexpected happened: the voice Anna's disappeared completely ...

This curious story helps to explain to children that nerves can often play tricks on us, but that there is always someone to help us close.

Anna was worried. Tomorrow was the day of the performance. He had prepared himself thoroughly. He had practiced dancing until he was exhausted. He had practiced and repeated the song to perfection. And the dress that her grandmother Marta had made for her hung on a hanger in her room.

Everything was ready to sing about makeshift stage who had gotten up in the school gymnasium in order to celebrate tomorrow Peace day. But something was wrong.

As the hours passed the voice left to Anna. Not a whisper could be emitted now. As he went to sleep he asked his guardian angel to help him find his voice. This one had never failed him.

Piturifús, who was called Anna's guardian angel, asked help the lights at night to speed up the search. He checked the school in case Anna had left her voice sitting on her desk. But he didn't find her there.

They looked in the park where Anna had been playing all afternoon, but all the swings they were empty. They searched Grandma Marta's house in case when they went to pick up the dress the voice had been forgotten in some corner. Nothing. The voice did not appear.

Sounded the alarm. Today was the big day. Piturifús was sitting at the foot of Anna's bed, crestfallen. Was sad because he hadn't been able to find Anna's voice. When she saw him, she understood that there was no voice and became even more nervous than she had been the day before. It was then that his mother came in to say good morning.

Anna, with tears in her eyes, let her mother know with mimicry and some little whisper that had no voice, that she was not going to go to school because she had lost her voice and I was very sad.

But her mother surprised her by showing her where she had hiding his voice: “Your voice is within you. It has never gone anywhere. What happens is that the nerves cover it and that is why you cannot see and feel it. Relax, think about beautiful things and forget your fears and worries and you will see how your voice can be heard again ”.

So did Anna. He thought about how fun it is to play with his friends and as if it were Magic the voice appeared.

If you want to know if your son have understood the message of the story, you just have to do these simple questions reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension will help the child, not only to understand each meaning of the words, but that of the entire text.

- What day did Anna have to act?

- Where was he going to perform?

- Where did you look for your voice?

- Did you find it anywhere?

- Where did your mother tell you she was?

- Why had Anna lost her voice?

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