Parents who manipulate their children

Parents who manipulate their children

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The subject of this article is controversial because talking about parents who manipulate their children is not easy and surely many of you will read this article with disbelief and some skepticism. But, manipulation from parents to children is an undeniable fact that unfortunately happens very frequently.

It is true that the vast majority of parents feel unconditional love for their children and take care to educate them to be independent, self-sufficient and responsible adults. But, sometimes it is the case parents who manipulate their children.

The most common is that parents offer their children everything that is in their hands and genuinely try to give everything for them.

Even the best-intentioned parents end up making mistakes, this is absolutely normal and we shouldn't worry about it. But, on other occasions we find parents who go beyond the daily mistakes that we all make during parenting and make toxic behaviors that damage a child's emotional well-being and self-esteem.

The manipulation that parents exert on their children is not innocuous but, on the contrary, alters the emotional well-being of children. But, how are those parents who manipulate their children?

- They victimize themselves giving grief to have the child's care and affection at all times. They use their situation of vulnerability to keep the child close to them: “You can go to your friend's house but if my blood sugar drops I won't have anyone help me call the doctor”, “You can go this weekend with your father, but I'm going to be very sad ”,“ your father doesn't love you, he doesn't give me money so that I can buy you things ”.

- They protect children excessively. They try to instill in children negative emotions (for example, fear) to keep them by their side and thus ensure that they are not self-sufficient and independent children. They are parents who feel lonely and do not want their child to fly away from them: “The camp is dangerous, if you go you may have an accident and have to send you to the hospital. The best thing is that you do not go ”,“ I have to help you do the class work, you will not know ”.

- Excessive control. They intrude on the child's private life to have as much information as possible about what the child is doing. This information is often used against him: "The movie that you saw with your friends I would also have liked to see, it seems that you like doing things with them more than with me."

- They generate feelings of guilt. They make the child feel guilty so that he stops doing what he had planned: "You can go play but I would not feel very good going to play if you have a test tomorrow."

These are just a few examples in which it is clearly seen how parents often manipulate their children. However, there are many other situations in which parents use manipulation to manage their little ones at will.

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