The more caresses, the better the baby's vocalization

The more caresses, the better the baby's vocalization

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The skin is the largest organ we have. It covers our entire body and is full of cells that transmit information about abroad, for example the temperature where we are, to keep us in good health.

And to all that information that reaches us through the skin, the brain gives a response that has effects both on physical level as an intellectual, since any stimulus will exert a reaction on both parties, either consciously or unconsciously.

That is why it is important that you keep in mind that caresses and facial massages are beneficial because they activate the muscles of the face, making the child more aware of what his face is like without being in front of a mirror and what he can do with each area, thus improving the control of his tongue to develop language .

If we massage the cheeks (one by one or both at a time, as we prefer) making circles with the fingers while the child is relaxed, our baby will easily notice the contact of the closest areas, such as the cheekbones and the corners of the lips. By increasing awareness of the muscles of the face it is much easier vocalize better and also this also affects the drooling control, since it is much easier for the child to realize that moving the cheeks helps him to swallow saliva, so that drooling no longer depends exclusively on the movement of the lips.

Touching the face gently and varying the movements with the fingers is an activity very relaxing And that is beneficial for both of you since it is a type of activity that you can only do if both parties are comfortable.

These moments are also good because they help children to gain confidence, since they often feel very strange when they notice how their lips or tongue vibrate and that causes them to stop explore all what they can say or do with their mouths.

If so, your child is likely avoid practicing certain sounds to avoid the fact of not being able to control everything that happens around that exploration such as drooling, vibration, tickling, in short, new and unknown sensations.

The benefit of these caresses will be greater the smaller the child is, since this activity is closely linked to learning the language, so if you practice this from a very young age, your child will grow up knowing and mastering the parts of the face better. Y learn to pronounce faster correctly all the letters of the alphabet.

To finish you should know that the carantoñas they are also beneficial for the tongueBecause even if you don't touch it directly, it is inside the mouth and from there it also receives stimuli that may come from other areas of the face.

So get to work and enjoy those moments!

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