Essential activities in Brussels with children

Essential activities in Brussels with children

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Brussels, the capital of the European Union, is a green city, vibrant, comfortable to walk around and relatively small, so there is little need to use transport. An ideal destination for traveling with young children.

We recommend the essential museums and monuments that you cannot miss if you travel to Brussels with your children. Organize short visits so they don't get too tired and you will see how much fun you have as a family. Do not forget green is the great color of Brussels and its parks and gardens are worth enjoying with the little ones.

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city with a rich cultural life. Go ahead and move by bicycle, the mode of transport most used by its inhabitants; to taste its gastronomic specialties - don't miss the famous chocolate and waffles-; to visit the various museums, with many activities for children; and, above all, to live a city very prepared for families and children.

Brussels Atomium

The biggest fans of the Atomium are… children! So we offer endless activities and a special area dedicated to the little ones. They are fascinated by this very special monument with its unique architecture and its long escalators with colored lights.

Mini-Europe in Brussels

In Mini-Europe, at the foot of the Atomium, discover the most beautiful corners of Europe, gathered in one place. Stroll through the typical atmospheres of the most beautiful cities of the old continent, thanks to 350 models and unique animations.

Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels

The Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels is a world to discover for young and old. The museum's rooms contain treasures: real dinosaur skeletons, a Lier mammoth, a Tasmanian wolf or even a moonstone.

Bozar Studios in Brussels

Bozar Studios, the art education department of the Palace of Fine Arts allows you to discover the world of the arts, in Brussels. An activity aimed at families and children. It is inspired by the programming of the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels.

BELvue museum in Brussels

Come and discover the exciting history of Belgium as a family. Small and not so small… Each one will visit it in their own way. At BELvue, families learn the history of Belgium through games, fun visits, themes, quizzes and ... much more!

Brussels Chocolate Museum

The MUCC, Museo del Cacao y del Chocolate, located a stone's throw from the Grand Place, is a must for young and old alike. In an old typical Brussels house, with a creaking floor, you will discover how chocolate was invented.

Océade in Brussels

The Océade Park offers, throughout the year, a tropical environment with water activities for the whole family in Brussels. Here, everyone has fun. And the little ones will experience their first strong emotions on the children's slides adapted to their size.

Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels

For kids, family vacations always rhyme with fun and relaxation at the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels on the Grand-Place, your little rock stars deserve to parade in the spotlight. The Hard Rock Cafe guarantees entertainment for children of all ages.

Autoworld in Brussels

Visit Autoworld Brussels as a family. It is a unique museum in Brussels. Under an immense glass and steel dome, more than 250 cars tell children the fascinating history of the automobile, from the late s. XIX to the present day.

Folón Foundation in Brussels

Your kids will love the Folon Foundation. Be amazed by Folon's unique universe, its themes and its graphic language. The 500 works by Jean-Michel Folon will be exhibited at the Château de La Hulpe farm, near Brussels.

Educatem Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels

Educateam organizes activities for children and families in the permanent collections, temporary exhibitions and the Magritte Museum. Educateam is the educational and cultural service of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts and the Magritte Museum.

Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels

Come with your children to the Cinquantenaire Museum and go on a journey through art and history. Visit the Cinquantenaire Museum, the largest museum in Belgium, with your children and discover the Indians of America, the Ancient Egyptians and our ancestors.

Le Sortilège of Brussels

Live with your children the adventure of Le Sortilège, a great game that mixes fun and team spirit in a fantastic medieval universe. It is a super adventure for families or groups of friends. A fun activity, in harmony with nature.

Thomas Blairon - Belgian Tourist Office: Brussels and Wallonia.

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