The aged lion. Classic fable about revenge

The aged lion. Classic fable about revenge

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Fables are tales protected by animals that have a moralizing work. They started writing me centuries ago as an easy way to teach through example to town.

Although many of them have been transmitted from generation to generation orally, many others have reached our days transcribed, forming part of our popular knowledge.

The aged lion is a classic La Fontaine fable that aims to tell us about humiliation, revenge and shame.

The king of the jungle, weighed down by age and barely able to move, was in his den.

All the animals had decided get revenge for all the mistreatment he imposed on them when he was young and strong: the horse kicked him, the wolf a bite, the ox a goring ...

The lion endured without complaining, until he saw the donkey running towards his home. Then he exclaimed:

- This is too much! I accept to die, but suffer your abuse is to die twice!

Moral: Receiving punishment from the prepared is aguntable, but receiving it from the ignorant is depressing.

Find out if your child has understood the fable through these simple reading comprehension questions.

- Why did all the animals want revenge on the lion?

- What did the horse do to him?

- Why was the lion angry with the donkey?

- You think he was right to get angry?

- What should the lion have done when he was young?

- List all the animals that appear in the fable.

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