How to make a Pinocchio puppet. Kids craft

How to make a Pinocchio puppet. Kids craft

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Pinocchio is a character who transmits many values ​​to children. The story of Pinocchio tells us about the consequences of telling lies, not making effort, and disobedience. It tells us what conscience and regrets are. It tells us about the love of a father for his son and that of the son for his parents.

But Pinocchio is also a great story to play. Would you like to make a puppet from recycled material to be able to interpret the story with your children?


  • 1 empty liquid yogurt container or a toilet paper roll
  • Red, yellow, black and blue cardstock
  • 1 ball of white cork
  • Brown and beige twine
  • Cotton thread
  • 1 medium and fine sticks
  • White glue

At Guiainfantil we have made a craft with recycled material so that you can make it at home with your children. We make it easy for you: here is the step by step of this fantastic craft.

1. First print the pattern with all the pieces that you will have to stick on your puppet: the pants, the suspenders, the buttons, the bow tie, the nose and the hat. Cut them out.Pattern to print HERE

2. Now you have to cut out the same pieces on cardboard: the rectangle of pants on the red cardboard, like the suspenders and Pinocchio's nose. The buttons and the hat, on yellow cardboard. The bow tie on blue cardboard.

3. Now you have to glue the pieces: the pants, the suspenders, the buttons and the bow tie. As soon as you have them well glued, make a hole on each side of the container and pass the brown or beige cord to make the arms. You will do the same with the legs (although the legs if you prefer, you can glue them).

4. Cross the sticks and connect them with the fine cotton string. Leave a long piece of string in the center to be attached to the head later.

5. Glue the ball of white cork and paint the eyes, mouth and blush. Make the yellow hat and do not forget to insert the string of the puppet that you left longer when tying the sticks in a cross. It serves to support the head. Now glue the hat.

6. Tie the cotton strings to Pinocchio's arms and legs and attach them to the poles. So you can move it to your liking. You already have your Pinocchio!

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