How to reconcile work and family life

How to reconcile work and family life

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This seems to be an eternal approach: how to reconcile work and family life? How to haggle and organize bridges, holidays and days of the white week? It takes a new society, that values ​​children and families more.

In the middle of the afternoon of Easter SundayWhen I had just arrived home after having enjoyed a trip during Easter with my family, I received a call from a telephone company offering me new and inexpensive services. It was a Sunday and so I was surprised that someone called me from an office.

Why did they work on Sunday? Perhaps we should start to value more how to reconcile work and family life.

At first, I even thought it was a friend's joke, but the truth is that on the other side of the line there was a person who, in the middle of the holiday, was working. That made me reflect. Who spoke to me it was a woman. And I thought it could be a mother worried about her children like many.

A mother who, willing to give her children and her family the best opportunities, had to change the day of rest for a day's work. A mother who likes to work on holidays, but what do I say? One Sunday afternoon, while I was unpacking, I was looking at the photos we had taken on the digital camera, and I was getting ready to make French toast?

At that point, it's like I've been shaken. In Spain, only in the Community of Madrid, the Holy Week holidays are the fourth break in the first months of the year. For many families, these holidays represent a pleasure, an occasion to travel and to be more with your children.

However, for other families, holidays are real nightmares. They are responsible for the approach of how to reconcile work with school holidays of their children. Some turn to nurseries, others hire some baby sister, and the vast majority leave their children with their grandparents, who after having raised their children, when they have to enjoy the well-deserved rest, have to occupy themselves with entertaining their children. grandchildren on vacation.

And children? While some go on a trip with their families, many get bored in front of the television, the games, the Play or another advanced little machine, missing being with his parents, that's what vacations are for, right? This seems to be a timeless approach: How to reconcile work and family life? How to haggle and organize bridges, holidays, the days of the white week? A new society is needed that values ​​children and families more.

The possible son of the lady who called me from her work, surely could not share the Easter Sunday with his mother, a moment that will not be repeated.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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