The video that really reveals what labor contractions look like

The video that really reveals what labor contractions look like

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Who said that antepartum classes are boring?

East explanatory video of how labor contractions work has become viral because of the simplicity of the explanation and, above all, because it is the most practical way to visualize that culminating moment in which the mother expels the baby from the womb thanks to contractions.

A video that no mother in the world should miss as it really explains how are labor contractions.

All of us who have attended childbirth classes, or who have read hundreds of pages about what our delivery would be like, have never been so clear about the true effect of contractions over the uterus.

What is the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and labor contractions? Why some they don't make us delay And the others yes? ... Everything was a mystery for most of the women until we saw the practicality and simplicity of this video.

In it we can see how Liz chalmers, a woman who runs a birthing center in the US, explains with a balloon and a ping pong ball how the different contractions really work and what is the moment of the expulsion of the baby.

At the beginning Liz introduces the ball into the balloon (it is the one that represents the baby), inflate the balloon and plug the air outlet by placing the ball in the mouth of the balloon, which simulates the maternal cervix.

Following, squeeze the balloon from the sides, simulating a contraction, however, there we can see that the neck of the balloon barely moves.

“These would be Braxton Hicks contractions. The test contractions which are common in late pregnancy, but hardly affect the cervix. The actual contractions occur in the upper part of the uterus ”- explains Liz Chalmers.

However, by pressing on the top of the balloon we can see how effectively the neck of the balloon begins to expand. This is the true way in which labor contractions work, since, as the muscle fibers of the uterus contract, they pull on the side walls, and that is what really exerts power in dilation.

That's where the powerful contractions happen. The muscle fibers are shortened, which tightens the top and shortens the sides. And, just like real contractions, I have everyone press and release. Press and release, a little at a time, and we can see how the cervix expands more and more ”- Liz shows us as she mimics uterine contractions with her hands.

"When the neck is already expanded and it is finally ready the cervix is ​​dilated.

Most of my students get nervous and don't want to keep pushing "- Liz jokes when the balloon is about to explode -" So, we joke that this is like a normal delivery ". “Okay, breathe and push carefully. You are doing it very well. Just push one more time and you will have the baby. "

So Liz Chalmers gives birth to a ping pong ball showing us the effectiveness of contractions of our body and how important it is to push at the right time.

This woman did not imagine that her video would have the repercussion it has had on the social media, but really the explanation is so good that no woman should stop seeing it.

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