The reasons why we must physically prepare for childbirth

The reasons why we must physically prepare for childbirth

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From the point of view of physiotherapists and osteopaths, the process of childbirth can be considered a long-distance race for which we must prepare during pregnancy, and even before it.

Wouldn't anyone think of doing a marathon without having trained? What would happen to us? The first thing would be that after a few meters or kilometers we would be exhausted. We would have neither the strength nor the endurance necessary for the effort we face. We would probably end up with some kind of injury by overexertion (overloads, tendinitis, micro-tears…).

We tell you the powerful reasons why you must prepare for delivery.

Normally, during pregnancy we do not think that when the baby is born, little by littleyou will gain weight and that we will have to carry him a long time in our arms. We will be maintaining certain positions for a long time, (such as during breastfeeding, or when carrying the baby, etc.), in which we should protect ourselves correctly, activating the muscles necessary so as not to hurt us.

If you want to aspire to have a good pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, you must prepare with a physical therapist specialized. This is the best way to invest in your health, in that of your baby and to prevent possible complications. You will also shorten the recovery time after giving birth.

Physiotherapists perform a evaluation fully personalized to the future mom.

- We assess your posture, your breathing and your pelvic floor. We will observe first in static, and then we will ask you to perform different movements to check the behavior of your joints before them. This tells us where they can exist joint locks, where the muscles are weak and where we find muscles with increased tone, which are usually painful.

- We will pay special attention to mobility of the spine and pelvis. We will look for possible shortening of muscle chains, failures in the activation of certain muscles that remain weak, and lead to compensations by other muscle and joint groups that react by increasing their tension.

- In addition, we will test the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and we will relax hypertoniaexcess tension) if any.

Women deserve careful work to avoid pathologies such as diastasis or urinary incontinence, which are frequent when we do not exercise correctly, we do not have good postural hygiene in our day to day, or when there is no good muscle tone before pregnancy.

Numerous studies indicate the benefits of physical exercise for mother and baby. A recent one shows that if the mother performs good physical activity for three days a week, her baby's heart will be stronger and she will suffer fewer tachycardia during delivery.

For all this, we recommend carrying out a specific training for pregnant women. If you have no medical contraindications to exercise, don't be afraid. Get in shape with a physical activity specialist physiotherapist and perinatal health.

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