Everything you need to know about snowboarding for kids

One of the places where children are happiest is in the snow. Perhaps it is because they can only enjoy it on rare occasions and because they love to throw balls at each other, make snowmen and step on the immaculate and irresistible white cloak that forms when they fall. There are many sports practices in the snow, on our site we focus on the benefits of snowboarding for children.

If your child wants to learn snowboarding, perhaps the best time to start is from the age of seven, because that is when he has already assumed his laterality well. On the board, you will have to decide between putting your right foot in front or putting it behind, and depending on your preference, it will be goofy or regular. The goofys will put their right foot in front and the regulars behind.

But how do you know if your kid is goofy or regular? Surely you have already ridden a skateboard, scooter or longboard. The way you put your feet on the skate will be the same as on the snowboard.

But to start your child in this winter sport you will have to take into account some other considerations:

- The first thing you have to know is that the child does not need to know how to ski to start snowboarding.

- Do not be afraid the first time you face the descent, the children are much more daring than us and face the slope with great confidence. In addition, they will begin to practice it on slopes with little unevenness.

- The best thing is that you point to classes with a specialist child monitors, in any ski resort. They are used to teaching this sport to the little ones.

- You have to take into account that it will be exposed to low temperatures, so you must shelter your child with at least three layers of clothing. You should wear a thermal shirt and leggings or tights underneath, a breathable and waterproof jacket and pants on top, and a good snow coat on top.

- Of course, helmet use is mandatory.

- You should also buy goggles and good gloves.

- And don't forget the sunscreen!

Children's snowboards are specially designed for childrens and are smaller. They are about a meter long by 30 centimeters wide.

To make them, materials much lighter than those of adult boards are used since they have to support much less weight.

The two edges of the tables they are not made of steel like those of adults to prevent them from getting hurt.

Boards for children can be used with boots that are less rigid than those for adults to make them feel more comfortable.

The board consists of three parts, nose or nose, central part or board and tail or tail, which is the rear area. The reverse part is called the sole.

Some boards are symmetrical front and back, they are called twin tip and are very suitable for children because with them it will be just as easy to slide forward or backward.

Other Recommended board for the little ones is the rocker, that has the sides raised by the fixings. This particularity in its shape helps prevent falls. It is also easier to rotate with it.

You can choose a board that is about 20 cm smaller than your child to last him for the following seasons.

Posture is essential for a good glide. Your child will have to do half ankle, knee and hip flexion. The hips must be placed centered between the two knees. Keep your back straight. The arms have to be separated at the elbows and parallel to the board and look straight ahead, it should not face the ground, which is something that children tend to do.

In the heel drift you will have to brake by lifting your feet and in the toe drift you will brake with the toes. To change edges, you have to shift your weight using your shoulders and not just your legs.

If you want to turn with the board, when you are skidding you have to put your weight on your front foot.

- Activates blood circulation.

- Develops a sense of balance.

- Strengthens the leg muscles.

- Relaxes and promotes concentration.

- Strengthens the lung and heart.

- Improves the joints and tendons.

- Promotes agility.

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