The affective bond between parents and children

The affective bond between parents and children

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Surely you remember the first time you had your baby in your arms, skin to skin, snuggled in a hug or a caress. During the first days of the baby's life, the body bond is essential, the physical contact of the parents with him. It is a way of strengthening attachment and affective communication between parents and children.

Massages, as well as children's swimming, are ways that not only favor the physical and mental development of the little ones, but also stimulate the baby's communication with his parents. Experiment with holding or cuddling the baby. You will be activating the sensitivity of your skin and your entire sensory system. You will be creating a communication link with him.

Although sometimes it seems that the baby is an inert and passive creature, if you touch it, it responds. If you observe him, you will notice that he answers you with a stammer, a shriek, a well-being face, and even a little smile. But this is not the only way you can observe that the baby responds to stimulation.

When you catch him in the pool, you hold him by the belly, by the arms, so that he does not drown, you will be communicating with him. The same during breastfeeding, the first bath, or in a massage, such as the Shantala. By passing the cream all over his body, and then by massaging his arms, legs, feet, joints, the baby will answer you by relaxing.

On the other hand, the baby's responses to your contacts, whether through massage or swimming, will grow and be seen on a daily basis. Exercises in the water will increase muscle strength, improve cardiovascular capacity and baby's coordination. It will stimulate your appetite, and help you sleep better. The massage will help the baby to relax and balance better after the stress of being born and encountering a totally different and new world for him.

As for parents, they will see that the bond and physical contact with their baby will shield them from a closer and more fluid communication, day after day. They work like an umbilical cord through which the baby can communicate with his parents and they with him.

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