Secrets to encourage reading in children 6 to 10 years

Secrets to encourage reading in children 6 to 10 years

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Between the 6 and 10 years, the children have achieved an achievement that will mark their lives: they already know how to read. This is indisputable, with more or less difficulty and effort, each one at their own pace, all have already achieved it.

But another question arises: do they really like to read? The mechanical and comprehensive reading It is still a very big effort for children of 6 and 7 years old. And your progress in school depends largely on your reading level. This may overwhelm you, in principle, but there are three secrets to encourage reading in children 6 to 10 years.

Secret # 1. Separate home reading from school reading, much more practical and functional, already clearly oriented to learning. If the child approaches reading as just another school task, he may feel rejection. His school schedule is already full and what he wants is to play and have fun. Solution: look for playful and fun reading, which does not have to be inconsequential.

Secret No. 2. Try to make the books and magazines that we give you or that we take from the library to alleviate your difficulties (For example, that the letter is large and comfortable enough, that the vocabulary is appropriate for your age and level of understanding, that the texts are not very long, that they have illustrations and photos that are a gift and a break for the eyes ...)

Secret nº 3. That the plots of the stories are interesting for him, that they involve him in some way, that they say something not only to his head but also to his heart. It can be a fairy story, an animal report in a magazine, a mystery story… They have to like what they read. It is a matter of choosing well and, in some cases, asking for advice at the library or bookstore.

The children of between 8 and 10 years They are already reading fluently, but reading does not have to be a challenge that forces them to consult the dictionary on each page. The difficulty must contemplate their level of maturity as readers. And offer them a subject that pique their interest: be it a story or a magazine report.

At these ages, reading often has competitors such as the computer, video games ... Parents have to accept that they are media, leisure and learning for those who cannot completely separate their children, because it would isolate them from reality. But reading and these other ways are different loves and there is a time and a space for each of them.

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