Dictations with the letter H for children

Dictations with the letter H for children

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The letter H It is one of the most difficult for children to learn in Spanish, since as it does not have sound it is almost impossible to know if it is in front of or inserted within words.

The only way to know when to put the H is by reading a lot and dictating. There are some spelling rules that can help us, we leave you three dictations with the letter H to make children with three different difficulties, depending on the age of the child.

Children learn words that start with the letter H faster than words that start with it interspersed. So here we leave you three types of dictations: the first is the easiest, and is designed for children between 7 and 9 years old; the second introduces some h interleaved; and the third has a greater degree of difficulty due to the level of vocabulary.

Dictation with the easy H

Today I found a fairy near a beech tree in the forest. The fairy was beautiful and she was under the leaves of the tree. He was talking about a story about animals and I said hello. So, I took out my ax and cut a log where a owl, but the fairy was sad because he was his friend, and now he had to go to another home, perhaps near the sea where there were many waves.

The fairy told me he was hungry so I made him an ice cream with a piece of cloud. She spoke to me softly and smiled because it had tasted like smoke.

Dictation with the letter H medium level

There smells like orange blossom because there are many orange trees, but their leaves are faded. A man was walking under its branches, he was frozen because it was cold. Her face was beautiful even though she only had one eye. I was looking for a home to live next winter near a bonfire. He used to smoke liver meat and figs to feed his children.

He found a house near an orchard of carrots. It was uninhabited so he went inside and stayed in it, but there was a lot of smoke inside and he almost drowned.

Dictation with the difficult H

The brothers walked a shortcut to reach the village. They crossed the iron bridge, and walked down the grassy path to the hospital. One of them was injured and since they didn't have a vehicle, it was difficult for him to walk.

They put alcohol and they sewed it up with thread. They went out to the town and looked for an accommodation there. They found the pension The Hanged Owl, there they could save and take a shower because they smelled bad and they longed some soap and a pillow.

They were not in a good mood because they were tired, and the smoke from the hearth smoked clean hair. They had carrots and boneless chicken with peanuts and a glass of ice water for dinner.

There was a smell in his room moldBecause it was damp, they looked at a prehistoric magazine, hollowed out the pillow and fell asleep.

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