Spring feeding for children

There is a saying that goes 'spring, blood alters'. Some are more nervous, while others experience asthenia that is translated by a feeling of weakness and decay that occurs mainly in early spring. But all that does not mean that we cannot make good use of this season.

The colors and good light that spring brings us invites us to leave the house, and to enjoy life, new smells and flavors that come out of the kitchen in spring.The good and fresh foods that the season gives us will fill us with vitamins. Nourishing yourself with fresh products is always basic, but in these months it can also be delicious. Vegetables, fruits, fish and legumes are at their best.

If you go to the market at this time, you will see that there is a huge assortment of food. In spring, we can find almost everything. From green beans, to strawberries, or a tender lamb meat, the star of the season:

1. Fruits: Strawberry, strawberries, a wide variety of pear, cherry, strawberry, lemon, apple, banana, raspberry, plum, grapefruit, pineapple, medlar.

2. Vegetables: Chard, artichoke, aubergines, watercress, garlic, celery, chives, asparagus, spinach, fresh beans, a wide variety of lettuces, carrots.

3. Fish and shellfish: conger eel, hake, cod, herring, tuna, bonito, anchovy, spider crab, squid, prawn.

4. Birds and game: Apart from pork, duck, chicken, lamb, which can be found throughout the year, we can consume poularde, capon, quail, goose, goose, turkey, and paschal lamb.

Children's diet in spring is important. It is convenient that in this season that precedes summer, we provide our children with the vitamins so necessary for their growth. With the heat already on the doorstep, children tend to do more physical exercises, which will require more energy and calories to stay strong. We propose a diet to face the spring:

1. Breakfast.

Milk is a staple in any diet. With soluble cereal or cocoa preparations, children will have their energy renewed. Bread, as well as cookies, cereals, are also basic. If you can use the ones that provide more fiber, the better. It is advisable to include some fruit at breakfast, a piece or orange juice, or a strawberry smoothie.

2. Meals.

The greener in the food, the better. That means starting each meal with a salad of lettuce, spinach, or just tomatoes, corn, etc. Fresh vegetables and legumes are also advisable to accompany meats, fish or eggs.

3. The dinners.

The lighter the better. A vegetable broth or vegetable puree is the best way to start a dinner. Also, vegetables are welcome. You can prepare a nutritious salad based on lettuce, carrots, beets, tomatoes, asparagus, lamb's lettuce, cucumber, and other vegetables. If the child eats that first, a breaded steak later, it will come in handy. Do not forget about hydration.

Drink plenty of water, which will promote kidney and intestinal function. Between hours you can allow two snacks based on nuts, fruit salad, yogurts, fruit smoothies, milk, etc.

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