If your children can't read when they get to Primary ... don't be overwhelmed!

If your children can't read when they get to Primary ... don't be overwhelmed!

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What need does a 5 year old have to know how to read !? No more need to learn to play, to interact with others, to speak clearly or to carry out certain habits of autonomy?

We want to rush into learning, both at home and at school, we want to teach children to write when they do not yet have motor skills, or to read, when they should be learning social skills. For many children, 3, 4 or 5 years old is not yet the time to learn to write and read. Therefore, If your children can't read when they get to Primary, don't be overwhelmed, nothing happens!

Although some children have an innate curiosity about letters and numbers at a very young age, it is not the most normal thing to do. Currently children in the infant stage already learn the alphabet, both its graphic representation and its sound, and even the numbers from 1 to 10. Doesn't that seem hasty? I have even received a note in my 3-year-old son's notebook because he didn't know how to do number 2. It makes you want to scream!

Compulsory education begins in Primary, and it is at that stage when children should start learning to read and write, however,the speed imposed by the syllabus makes children begin to learn to read and write. This is how it is imposed by the educational systems and plans in many schools.

I am not a teacher, I am far from having the latest knowledge about childhood learning, but I am a mother, and in addition to 3 children, and I believe that common sense and spending a lot of time with my children gives me enough authority to affirm what children do not have to learn to read and write before entering Primary. Even more so when it is something imposed and can cause a blockage in the child, since they are not even prepared to hold the pen correctly.

In some Nordic countries, such as Finland, children do not begin to read and write before the age of 7, when the child has acquired other skills that allow him to make a correct introduction to literacy. What's more, it is one of the most recognized educational systems in the world. There are those who twist their faces when the "Finland argument" is drawn but ... it is what it is! Isn't it ranked as one of the best educational systems in the world?

- There is a huge difference in these early stages between children born in January and those in September. Between the two there are 9 months in which a child may have acquired skills naturally and another may not have achieved them by his own evolutionary rhythm.

- There are children whose learning rate is slowerWhen they reach the necessary skill, they will be able to read and write without problems.

- The pressure to which they are sometimes subjected makes them crash and its learning is even slower than it should be. We just have to loosen and motivate the child properly.

- You will see that, when Primary begins, with the appropriate stimulus and good reinforcement, your child learns to read and write.

- The current legislation in many countries says that children in infants have to carry out a approach to literacy, not formal learning, therefore, it is not mandatory for the child to arrive at Primary knowing how to read and write.

- To promote the pleasure of reading, we must teach them to love her, not to loathe it from the early stages. If the child cannot read, we can read stories, organize storytelling sessions, bring him stories that really reach him and interest him and not just the usual stories.

Reading is exciting, we should instill a taste for reading and not obligation and pressure.

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