32 short and original girl names

32 short and original girl names

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In recent years the most popular names have given way to the imagination of parents, who are looking for new alternatives names for their children.

Among the most requested by the new generations of parents are short names, which have a nice sound, but that have a concrete meaning.

Globalization and new technologies They have brought together thousands of names that were previously unknown only in their countries of origin, and that has opened the doors to endless possibilities when choosing names for babies.

Short names are easier to remember, easier for children to pronounce, and have the advantage that they cannot be shortened and therefore diminutives that many parents dislike are avoided.

Looking for an original name has the disadvantage that you will always have to give an explanation about its origin, or why they put it on you, but it has the advantage that, once you have given it, they will keep your name forever.

It also has the advantage that surely you will not find anyone at school with the same name, and that your daughter can feel only.

Names of all origins are sought: Basques, Galicians, Mexicans, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, and even some of African origin.

Here we leave you some of the shorter and original names that we have found for girls and their meaning and origin.

1- Ava: Of Hebrew origin, it means to give life. It is a variant of the English name Eva, although some believe that it comes from the Latin "avisWhich means "bird". Other more ominous authors interpret this name as "ruin”Since they believe that it refers to the original sin of Eve, in the Christian tradition.

2- Ada: They give it two possible origins: from the Hebrew "adah" which means "the one that makes happy"; or the one of Germanic origin" adel "which means"noble”. Without a doubt, whatever its origin, its meaning is beautiful.

3- Ailén: Of Mapuche origin, it means "transparent”. The fertility goddess "Aine" also takes the name ailén.

4- Alida: Of Greek origin, it means “the one that comes from Elida”, A region of Greece where the Olympic Games were held. Some authors say that it may be a variant of the name "Alis".

5- Amira: Raises two origins, an Arabic meaning "Princess", and the other from a Hebrew voice that translates to“chatty”.

6- Bern: Of Germanic origin, it can be interpreted as “the most reckless”. Although in Turkey it means “Young” and in German “strong and brave”. There is a Latin variant that finds Berna as the feminine of Berno which is the diminutive of Bernardo which means "Strong as a bear".

7- Bruna: Of Germanic origin, it is the feminine of the name Bruno. Its meaning is that of "brown skin”.

8- Cira: It is the feminine of Ciro, of Greek origin and means “authority”, And which is related to the dynasty that ruled the Persian empire for many years.

9- Chloe: Of Greek origin, it means "green grass”, And the name of the goddess of agriculture who possessed an eternal youth.

10- Dana: Of Hebrew origin, it appears in Celtic mythology as "the goddess of water from the heavens”. Its meaning is "the one who judges."

11- Danae: Of Greek origin, it refers to the arid land, and that in Greek mythology is the mother of Perseus, after being fertilized by Zeus in the form of rain.

12- Give to: Name of Hebrew origin, derived from the name Daniela whose meaning is "God is my judge”.

13- Dione: Of Greek origin, Sione was the mother of the goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology. They say that its meaning refers to “Woman of God"Or" follower of Dionysus. " It is one of the names by which the moon is known.

14- Greta: Its meaning is not very clear, since it is debated whether it is of Persian, Greek or Hindi origin. Its different meanings, according to its origin, are: "the daughter of light"," Pearl "or" daisy ".

15- Indira: Of Hindu origin, it means "the most beautiful”And refers to Lakshmi, wife of Narayan, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

16- Jade: Of Spanish origin, it comes from the stone of the same name, and to which healing properties for the kidneys were attributed. Its full meaning would be "as beautiful as jade stone”.

17- Juno: Of Latin origin, they give it several meanings such as “queen of heaven"," Vital force "or" always young. " In ancient Rome, Juno was the queen of the gods and of marriage.

18- HaraAlthough in its Hindu origin it is a masculine name, it can be raised as feminine. Its meaning has to do with the god Shiva, and would be interpreted as "all the world in one”.

19- Libya: Of Greek origin, she was in Greek mythology the wife of Poseidon, the god of the sea. They say it comes from the term "livido" whose meaning is "pale."

20- Moon: Of Latin origin, this is the name given to women who are the light in the way of others.

21- Maia: The meaning of the name Maia, is "mother"Or" creator "is of Greek origin.

22- Mine: Of Hebrew origin, it is the diminutive of María or Miriam, whose meaning is “the one who is loved by God”.

23- Neda: Of Slavic origin, refers to the “born on sunday”. Neda was the name of a nymph from Greek mythology who was in charge of taking care of Zeus when he was a child. There are those who think that it may come from Arabic and whose meaning is "voice".

24- Oria: Of Latin origin, they say that they come from names like Orelia and Oralia, whose meaning is “Golden", So Oria could be understood as" golden woman ".

25- Sacha: Of Greek origin, it means “defender of humanity”, And it is used for boys and girls indistinctly. Some authors refer to it as a diminutive of Alexander or Alexandra.

26- Salma: Of Swahili origin, that is, African and Arab, refers to “the one who is safe"Or" the quiet one. "

27- Selma: Two possibilities arise: those that say that it is of Germanic origin and that it refers to a variant of Anselma, whose meaning is “pprotected by God”, Although there is another variant that says it comes from the Arabic name Salma.

28- Telma: It has different meanings depending on its origin. If it is of Germanic origin it is “helmet", And if it is of Greek origin it would mean" will ".

29- Usha: There are different theories about the origin of this name: Those who think it is of Hindu origin, and whose meaning would be "smiling woman”; and those who think that it derives from Sanskrit, which would be interpreted as "dawn", and that it was the name of a goddess daughter of the sky and sister of the night.

30- Verna: Of mixed origin. In its English version it is understood as “spring", While in France it is typical of those born in the vicinity of a forest of alder trees, and in Aramaic it is the diminutive of Barnabas, whose meaning is" son of prophecy ".

31- Yara: Of Tupi origin, some Brazilian natives from the Amazon, and who give two meanings to this name: "seagull”And“ ma'am ”.

32- Zulema: Of Arabic origin which etymologically means "the peaceful”Or“ the healthy and strong ”.

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