First pregnancy. Tips for new mothers

First pregnancy. Tips for new mothers

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Pregnancy is a unique moment in a woman's life. It is a period full of changes, news and illusions, but also of fears and insecurities. There are so many new things that surround the day to day of a pregnant woman that doubts constantly assail. If it is your first pregnancy, we answer the questions you are surely asking yourself.

1- I tested positive for pregnancy, when do I go to the doctor?

Make an appointment with your gynecologist from the moment you test positive in the home test. In the consultation they will ask you for tests to confirm the pregnancy and start your follow-up.

2- How much am I pregnant?

For new moms it is a hassle to count by weeks at first but you will get used to it soon. You must count from the first day of the last period.

3- Do I have to feel the baby?

New moms notice the baby's movements between week 18 and 20 of pregnancy. First you notice a tingling or tingling and little by little it defines itself, in such a way that you will finally know if it is hitting you with a leg or a little hand.

4- How do I know if something is wrong with my pregnancy?

If you have heavy bleeding, a fever over 38ยบ or severe abdominal pain, you should go to your emergency department. In any case, it is normal to have a slight bleeding during the first weeks due to the embryo coupling.

5- What can I not eat while pregnant?

It is advisable to avoid any raw or undercooked food, you will also have to have much more hygiene with food, especially if you test negative for toxoplasmosis.

6- How will I know that I am in labor?

The main symptom of childbirth are contractions. It is an abdominal or lumbar pain that increases in intensity and frequency. Loss of the mucous plug can also be an indication that labor is approaching, as well as the rupture of the amniotic sac.

7- Can I travel while pregnant?

If your pregnancy is not risky, there is no problem in traveling by plane, car, boat or train. During the last month of pregnancy it is not advisable to move.

8- Can you do sports during pregnancy?

Not only can you, but you should do moderate physical exercise. You should leave physical exercise that is very strong or that involves some risk for another time in your life.

9- Can I have sex during pregnancy?

Is safe to have sex with the partner during pregnancy, as long as the pregnancy is not risky.

10- I feel emotionally unstable, is it normal?

It is normal to have humor changes, anguish or moments of sadness followed by others of joy. Hormones during pregnancy together with worries lead us to feel emotions on the surface.

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