The good and the bad of babies born in April

Science confirms that our way of being and personality is in a certain way influenced by the season of the year or the month in which we are born.

This is supported by several scientific studies, in which it is appreciated that the hours of light, the weather, or the natural or social events that are linked to the moment in which we come into the world condition both our abilities and our defects, and even we predispose you to suffer certain diseases or to practice one or another profession.

If you are expecting the birth of your baby for the month of April from our site we will tell you the good and the bad of babies born in April.

Astrology reinforces the idea that depending on the date we are born we are marked by one or another zodiac sign, and this affects or influences our way of training as people.

Regardless of the month in which we are born, all of them have their positive and negative aspects to consider. A positive variable to take into account is that babies born in April receive sunlight for longer than others born at another time of the year, since in April in the northern hemisphere we are already in spring and this causes the hours of day in which we can enjoy the sun as the days are longer.

In addition, some studies maintain that babies born in April are more optimistic compared to those born in other months of the year.

It also determines the time of year in which we are born when, for example, to occupy a prominent job position in the future. According to some research, people born in the first months of the year would have a greater chance of reaching hold a CEO role in adulthood. This theory would also be conditioned because those born in the first months of the year would have an advantage over those born in the last months as a consequence of the moment in which schooling begins at school.

According to astrology, babies born between March 21 and April 20 are marked by the sign of Aries. It is a fire sign, and those born under this sign are impulsive, cheerful, and full of vitality. They are dynamic, independent, and according to some studies they are attractive people.

Under the sign of Taurus there are according to astrology those who are born between April 21 and May 20. Taurus are characterized by being patient, practical and decisive people. They are also one of the most faithful zodiac signs both in terms of love and friendship.

According to a study carried out in Great Britain, the moment in which gestation and subsequent birth occurs affect, for example, the probability of suffering from certain types of disorders or diseases such as anorexia nervosa. Those born during the month of April would be more likely to suffer from it, apparently due to the temperature changes that occur during spring.

If those born in April are characterized by being optimistic peopleWe also find the other extreme, and it is a greater predisposition to suffer from depression, schizophrenia or bipolarity.

On the other hand, babies born under the sign of Aries according to astrology are people who like to attract attention, feel like protagonists, and sometimes they lack the ability to listen to others.

Those born under the sign of Taurus, are on the other hand lazy, incapable of accepting sudden changes, possessive, with difficulty to share and also stubborn and stubborn.

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