Light dinner recipes for pregnant women

Light dinner recipes for pregnant women

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Pregnant women have to adapt their diet, but it is not necessary to give up rich and healthy recipes, that is why we offer you some proposals to prepare a light menu with nutrients for dinner.

During pregnancy it is advisable to avoid certain foods, and increase certain nutrients that are needed more, such as iron or folic acid. Eating a balanced diet is vital for the development of the fetus.

Dinners should normally be lighter than meals, and this is even more important for pregnant women.

In addition, you should try to have dinner as soon as possible, at least two hours before going to bed, to rest better.

Strong foods that make digestion difficult should be avoided. Take salads and grilled or baked fish.

These recipes help to maintain a complete but balanced diet, avoiding obesity, which can be very harmful at this stage.

Dinners during pregnancy should have high levels of folic acid, vitamins, iron, omega 3 and calcium.

To strengthen the intake of the latter, you can take yogurts or dairy desserts, alternating them with fruits, which contain vitamins.

Combine the recipes that we propose to organize a complete and balanced menu, and always consult your doctor so that he or she keeps a good control of the baby's development.

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