Ideas for teaching geometric shapes to children

Ideas for teaching geometric shapes to children

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When children are in their early childhood years, they are true sponges when it comes to learning. Although there are many things that simply take time to settle in your mind, with others we can help you with games and little tricks so that you learn them naturally.

It is the case of geometric figures, with which we can play so that the little ones can differentiate and learn them in a simple and above all, very fun way. With a little patience, the children will remember each of the shapes.

On the one hand, we need to be clear about the geometric figures that we want to teach them, and before we start playing with them with the activities that appear below, let us make it clear to them what the instruments of the game are. These are the main geometric figures that we will teach children:

- The circle
So that they do not forget what it is, it is best that at first, we call it by the name of something that they usually see, such as figures such as a ball, or even with the sun and coins, on the planets and on the moon. In this way, by knowing these words, you will later know the form it has.

- A square
Children usually draw houses from a square, which forms the structure of the house, this will be the easiest way for them to remember its name. We can also use the name of the square so that they remember it if we think, for example, of the cushions of a sofa or of the windows.

- Rectangles
Doors are an element rectangular, so it is the way that we can use for children to easily relate their image. If, in addition, vehicles such as trucks attract your attention, we can also talk about this figure.

- Triangles
As before we talked about the house, surely our children draw the roof of their little house with a beautiful triangle that crowns the square they already learned previously.

If what we want is that, once they have learned that a door is a rectangle, the sun is circular and the roof of the houses is a triangle, what we can do to make this take hold is, with a little skill and patience, play this house with the children, where each of the elements will be present.

With the help of materials such as plasticine or cardboard, together with the children we can strive to cut or mold these geometric figures while we make landscape where of course, the house formed by rectangles, squares, triangles will appear ... And where they themselves will realize that there are many more options: windows that become magically in squares or rectangles, or even your own image, since you will draw your round face, and probably your body based on a rectangular 'box' from which arms and legs grow.

In this way, in addition to learning, he will also play with the elements that we provide him in a fun way based on crafts and will be without knowing it enhancing your imagination.

At home you can build toys with recycled material in a simple and easy way, to teach children about geometric shapes. our site has developed this curious toy so that children, even the smallest ones, learn to match a piece with its format and fit it into the correct hole. If you want to learn how this homemade toy is made, CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE, and we teach you how to do it step by step. Very easy!!

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