How is the relationship between the Capricorn mother and the Aquarius child

How is the relationship between the Capricorn mother and the Aquarius child

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Find out what the compatibility between a Capricorn mother and an Aquarius child.

If you are a Capricorn mother and you have an Aquarius child, you may ask yourself many questions, which are really answered in a single sentence: you have different ways of seeing things.

Before the tranquillity From the Capricorn mother, the Aquarius child likes to fly, while the Capricorn mother is realistic, the Aquarius child is a dreamer ...

Capricorn mothers are self-sacrificing, practical and simple mothers, for whom there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome.

They are usually hard-working and ask their children for the same qualities, which is why they are usually demanding mothers.

Are in excess rigid and diplomatic, and they tend to overprotect their children. They find it difficult to let them fly, since they love to have their own grouped together, for this they create warm, stable and insurance for your children.

The Capricorn mother is very patient and careful, and values ​​effort at work above all else, which creates tensions in children who are more volatile and relaxed in character.

Aquarius is a air sign, under the dominance of Uranus, an explosive planet with a violent influence, but they are peaceful children, fleeing conflicts.

Their enigmatic nature causes them to be extravagant and eccentric on many occasions, and to believe they are misunderstood by others, something that really happens many times.

They hide their true feelings from their parents since they think that they will not understand them either.

They prefer quiet games, those related to the outdoors, nature, animals, or mechanical toys.

They have a fondness for reading, music and dancing.

Capricorn mothers usually clip the wings of imagination of your Aquarius children.

While the Aquarius child is an air sign, the Capricorn mother is an earth sign, which sometimes causes conflict.

Without a doubt, the Capricorn mother has a very different way of looking at life than her Aquarius child: while the mother is practical and realistic; the son is a dreamer and is full of uncertainties.

The Aquarius child loves activity and nature, while the Capricorn mother is more calm and homelike, which slows down the son a lot.

Children of this sign are very independent and at times he feels pressured by the stubborn character of his mother, who likes to control everything around her.

The Capricorn mother He usually imposes a certain future on his son, who will fight to create his own path, closer to the arts and music than to a stable job.

Aquarius children tend to be very creativeThey tend to prefer humanitarian careers, and even if their mother does not share their tastes, they will follow their own pace and path, even without your support.

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