43 gratitude phrases to educate children in values

43 gratitude phrases to educate children in values

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Gratitude is an essential value that helps us relate to others. It denotes respect and endows us with greater social ability. But like all values, they are learned.

Educate your child on the value of gratitude or gratitude from a young age. In addition to your example, stories and fables are very useful, and famous phrases or quotes that help us reflect on the importance of this value. Here you will find X phrases of gratitude to educate children in values. Use them!

1. 'If you are grateful for what you have, you will generate more. On the other hand, if you focus on what you don't, you will never have enough '(Oprah Winfrey).

2. 'Everyone will appreciate us taking an interest, without exaggeration, in the little details of their lives' (Noel Clarasó).

3. 'Gratitude is the memory of the heart' (Lao Tse).

4. 'If a person is not grateful for what they have now, they will hardly be grateful when they get it' (Frank A. Clark).

5. 'Whoever receives what he does not deserve, seldom appreciates it' (Francisco de Quevedo).

6. 'Perhaps gratitude is not the most important virtue, but it is the mother of all the others' (Marco Tulio Cicero).

7. 'He who gives, must not remember again; but the one who receives must never forget'(Hebrew proverb).

8. 'The pleasure experienced in finding a grateful man is so great that it is worth risking to become ungrateful' (Lucio Anneo Seneca).

9. 'We must always find the time to thank the people who make a difference in our lives' (John F. Kennedy).

10. 'When you drink water, remember the source' (Chinese proverb).

11. 'Thank the flame for its light, but do not forget the foot of the lamp that constantly and patiently supports it in the shadow' (Rabindranath Tagore).

12. 'Thank you' is the best prayer anyone can say. I say it often. It expresses humility and understanding '(Alice Walker).

13. 'Forget what you have given to remember what you received' (Mariano Aguiló).

14. 'No worthy man will ask to be thanked for what has cost him nothing' (Publio Terence).

15. 'Studies show that grateful people are happier because instead of worrying about the things they lack, they are grateful for what they have' (Dan Buettner).

16.'Gratitude is a flower that springs from the soul' (Henry Ward Beecher).

17. 'The request is warm, the gratitude is cold' (German proverb).

18. 'The root of all good lies in the land of gratitude' (Dalai Lama).

19. 'A proud man is seldom grateful, because he thinks he deserves everything' (Henry Ward Beecher).

20. 'Being grateful can change you from one day to a whole life. You just need to say the words' (Margaret Cousins).

21. 'Friendship, if it is fed only by gratitude, is equivalent to a photograph that fades over time' (Isabel De Rumania).

22. 'Well born is to be grateful' (Popular saying).

23. 'If you are really grateful, you will share' (Clement Stone).

24. 'If your only prayer in life were' thank you ', it would be enough' (Eckhart).

25. 'Gratitude, like certain flowers, does not occur in the heights and is better green in the good land of the humble' (José Martí).

26. 'There are only two ways to live life: one is by thinking that nothing is a miracle and the other is to believe that everything is' (Albert Einstein).

27. 'Gratitude is a duty that should be rewarded, but that no one should expect remuneration '(Jean-Jacques Rousseau).

28. 'Time ravages gratitude, even more than beauty' (Mario Puzo).

29. 'Look at everything as if it were the first time you saw it. You will notice how your life will be filled with glory '(Betty Smith).

30. 'Only an excess is recommended in the world: the excess of gratitude' (Jean de La Bruyère).

31. 'Gratitude is like that liquor from the East that is only preserved in golden jars: it perfumes the great souls and turns sour in the little ones' (Jules Sandeau).

32. 'When you do an act of kindness it is as if someone inside you says' this is how I should feel' '' (Rabbi Harold Kushner).

33. 'Before your valuable support my silence is worth gold. I just want to tell you: thank you '(Abel Pérez Rojas).

34. 'When gratitude is so absolute, words are unnecessary' (Álvaro Mutis).

35. 'Gratitude is the art of painting adversity in a charming image' (Kak Sri).

36. 'The roots under the earth do not ask for a reward for making the branches bear fruit' (Rabindranath Tagore).

37. 'Gratitude should be a constant act of every hour, every day, of a lifetime' (Nancy Leigh DeMoss).

38. 'No one achieves success without the help of others. The wise and the confident acknowledge this help with gratitude '(Alfred North Whitehead).

39. 'Words are never enough when what needs to be said overflows the soul' (Julio Cortázar).

40. 'No duty is more pressing than gratitude' (Saint Ambrose).

41. 'Gratitude occurs when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind' (Lionel Hampton).

42. 'If we meet someone who owes us thanks, we immediately remember him. How many times we meet someone to whom we owe thanks and we do not think about it! (Johann Wolfgang Goethe).

43. 'Be grateful for what you already have as you pursue your goals. If you are not grateful for what you already have, what makes you think that you would be happy with more? (Roy T. Bennett).

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