The difficult task of collecting toys

The difficult task of collecting toys

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All parents love to see how our children play with their toys, invent stories, represent situations, make circuits, combine the game of pieces with plastic animals to make a miniature zoo, etc. They take out everything there has been and to have!

The game is an important time for them and also relaxing for us. Relaxing, until dinner time arrives and we see that his entire room is invaded by toys and there is not a square inch available to set foot. Yes, then comes the difficult task of collecting the toys. Write down these tips to teach children to tidy their rooms.

What to do so that your children see normal the moment to collect and store the toys in their room? Perhaps children are still young to catalog whether a toy goes in the blue drawer of the animals and another in the green of the cars, but from a very young age you have to work the habit of putting the toys away when the game ends and for this we must put it on easy by following some tips:

1. The place where the toys are kept must be within reach of our child.

2. It is important to start by saving them as a group and associate it with a song related to order or "to save" (do you remember Mary Poppins?)

3. At first you should not expect a perfect collection or absolute order, the important thing is not to make it perfect, it is to do it.

4. We must give them guidelines: for example, put the construction pieces together, place the box under the bed or on the shelf, etc.

5. Reward their behavior with words of praise and kisses.

6. Plan ahead. Before playing with toys with small parts, we can place a sheet on the floor so that when he finishes he simply picks up the corners and puts them in the box.

7. Collecting toys can also be part of the game, since we can make him look for and identify the toy to keep by giving him some clue about its color or shape.

8. It is very useful to have a box or bag to deposit those parts that have been uneven, loose or lost.

9. We can motivate him by using an alarm clock and goad him by telling him to see how many toys he can collect before the alarm goes off.

10. All the participants of the game and we ourselves will participate in the collection of toys: the imitation of the elderly is very useful to start with.

11. Teach our son that there is a place for everything, order not only in toys, but also in shoes, clothes or toothbrush, etc. To do this we can identify the toy drawer by pasting a photo of the toy, drawing or colored letters.

With these tips surely we achieve our double objective: that our children play and collect, while we relax, without shocks or struggles at the end of the game.

Patro Gabaldon.

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