Kissing babies on the mouth, yes or no?

Kissing babies on the mouth, yes or no?

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Kissing is a normal and daily act that we perform many times throughout the day: to greet an acquaintance, to say goodbye to our partner before going to work, as a cure for a child's injury or as a sign of affection.

We usually give kisses on the cheek and sometimes it is even such a quick and worldly expression that it almost takes off because our lips do not touch the skin of the other person. But, there are other kisses that we give on the mouth, they are usually to our partner and in many cases to our children, How about the act of kissing babies on the mouth?

It is believed that the origin of the kiss is thousands of years ago, when the mother had to chew food to pass it to her son from mouth to mouth and thus feed him.

As early as the 4th century BC. the Greeks allowed kisses on the mouth only between parents and children, very close relatives or friends very close to the family. It was not until many years later that the kiss began to be used as a token of love in the couple.

The kiss also has different connotations depending on the culture, for example, Russians kiss each other on the mouth as a greeting, the French kiss three times, and Eskimos rub their noses.

Today, kissing children on the mouth is a very normal act in many families, a custom that occurs naturally, like someone who gives it to the cheek. I did it for a long time, until colds and colds were systematically passed from one to another during a harsh winter and I decided to take more sanitary habits.

- The main reason for those who do not believe that it is correct is medical: they believe that it is an act that can transmit diseases to the baby such as flu, cold or more serious diseases such as mononucleosis.

- Other people find it unacceptable to kiss a child on the mouth, even your child, as they believe it is related to a 'sexual conduct' reserved for the partner.

- As children grow, it is not correct to continue with the custom, since on the one hand it could be the object of ridicule at school or the child could confuse this custom and try to replicate it with their friends.

- It is an act of affection and love without any other connotation, which creates a close bond between parents and children. It has no sexual or dirty connotation, it is just the expression of love between parents and children. Hugging and kissing children is essential for good emotional development.

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