Warrior Yoga Pose III. Yoga asanas to do with children

Warrior Yoga Pose III. Yoga asanas to do with children

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Do you want to learn to do yoga with your children? Practicing yoga as a family is very beneficial for everyone. In addition, it helps to strengthen the bonds of all members of the family.

We teach you to do the warrior III or Virabhadrasana III exercise. It is an ideal asana to improve balance and relax the most restless children. But it also has more benefits on a physical level. Learn to do the yoga warrior III pose step by step and discover all its benefits.

1. Part of Tadasana or Mountain Pose and stretch your arms up, facing forward.

2. Already in this position, bring the weight of the body to the left foot to start raising the right leg and lowering the body.

3. In this position you will have a tendency to unbalance, because the weight of the body is shifted on the front foot. To avoid imbalance, be careful not to let your torso swing forward. Hold the position for about 30 seconds.

4. You can undo the position by performing the movements in reverse.

This yoga asana it has many benefits for you and your children, both physically, emotionally and psychologically. These are only some of them:

- It serves to stretch all the muscles of the back: This asana helps to correct bad posture of children to sit, or to mitigate those back pain that comes from carrying too much weight or doing it incorrectly.

- Develops balance: ideal for improving balance: The weight should be on one foot only. The whole body must be supported on a single point of support.

- Fight against nervousness and stress: Also, this exercise, which requires a lot of concentration. Help the most nervous to calm down.

- Improves concentration: This asana requires maximum concentration so as not to lose balance. This helps more clueless children to focus on something in particular.

- Improve children's behavior: And this is so because this exercise works mainly on balance, but not only physical balance, but also internal or emotional balance.

- Tones the abdomen: This is also an ideal exercise for postpartum mothers.

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