Why girls can be masculine and boys cannot be feminine

Why girls can be masculine and boys cannot be feminine

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My niece wears a boy's swimsuit in summer and no one thinks it strange, however, my neighbor's son wears his sisters' pink shirts and everyone in my neighborhood criticizes him. A girl dresses up as a firefighter and nothing happens, a boy dresses up as a princess and the news goes around the world.

They are only examples, but they summarize a general thought in our society:girls can be masculine and boys cannot be feminine. But why?

Although there is still a long way to go in terms of gender equality and equalization of the rights of men and women, it must be recognized that many good things have been achieved.

Are you surprised today that a girl plays soccer? That a girl dressed in pants? That she plays with toy cars? Don't make weird faces, all of this was unthinkable a few years ago.

Today it is socially accepted for a girl to dress or act like a boy, moreover, their wishes to wear short hair, wear men's clothing, climb trees or play sports associated with the male gender are respected, without blinking. However, it is true that it is often thought that ... "it is just a phase, you will want to wear dresses or play with girls later".

But what happens in reverse? Children cannot be feminine without facing criticism from other children and even from the parents of those children. It is not socially well seen for a boy to wear pink, play with dolls, want to paint his nails or just want to be with girls. Not only is it not said "it is a phase", but their parents start to tremble thinking about the one that is coming, because unfortunately their son is an easy target for teasing and even bullying at school.

If this happens in childhood, we are talking about children, which will not happen with adults. It is proof that, even with regard to gender equality, much remains to be achieved, and it is not only girls or women who have to conquer more rights, in this case, it is boys and men who have it more difficult. .

Today girls can do whatever they want, what's more, We tell girls that they can be whatever they want and do whatever they want ... "Do you want to be a pilot in the army? You can", "Do you want to be president of the nation? You can?", "Formula 1 driver? I support you."

But what do we say to children who say they want to be make-up artists, dressmakers, or beautician when they grow up? Do we encourage them? Do we try to make them choose more masculine or more powerful professions? It is possible that we do not give much importance to it but that we do not stay calm either. And is that, encouraging children to be more feminine does not enter into the consciousness of today's society. Why? In masculinity, power follows.

It is because of that we encourage girls to go further and get traditionally male positions but we do not encourage boys to get traditionally female positions.

It is still strange that a child plays with things that are considered "girls", so news of parents who disguised their daughters as princesses because the children chose to do so go viral. However, we should examine ourselves to analyze our fears and fears to not letting ourselves be carried away like this by prejudices in the education of our sons and daughters and letting them be themselves.

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