4 basic conditions for dictating to children

4 basic conditions for dictating to children

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To prepare for a great soccer game, you need - for a few minutes - to warm up and stretch your muscles. I remember that once, due to lack of time and in a hurry, it occurred to me to face a sporting challenge without doing this preparation. The pain I felt afterwards was so infernal that it prevented me from enjoying this activity as much as any other.

The same thing happens with school tasks, it is necessary that a series of conditions are met so that the task can be solved successfully. These are the basic conditions for dictating to children.

This type of memory allows me to reflect on the practice of dictation in class or at home. For this tool to have real effects for our children, I think about the following conditions:

1- That the texts that we use to make any dictation must be characterized, or in other words, dramatize them to get attention.

2- Short texts but that in their content have a relationship between the level of the children who are going to write them and the content that is addressed in the text.

3- A proper use of words, giving them their own tonality that transmits, just by pronouncing them, the vital energy that exists in those words.

4- A suitable relationship of the content of the text with the taste and interest of children.

As you can see, the conditions allow the pedagogical tool to bear fruit. Sometimes the temptation of us is to read slowly and repeatedly, choose the first text that we have at hand and read it without linking with its vital energy. However, it is very important to prepare what you want to dictate but at the same time get excited about what you are reading, so the child can perceive that emotion.

For this reason, for teachers and educators this is an invitation to investigate their emotions and also be sentimentally tied to the texts. Good preparation necessarily requires getting into what is most typical of each one in order to reproduce it and help children to fall in love with the texts.

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