Signs that you are becoming an annoying mother on social media

Signs that you are becoming an annoying mother on social media

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How much time do you spend on the Internet? And on social networks? There are multiple reports and statistics on the amount of time a person spends in front of a screen, but I will stop in the case of mothers.

And, according to a report, 93% of mothers use a social network and, many of them have a delusional activity: they publish thousands of photos of their children, pronounce sentences on how a mother should act or reveal even the most intimate details of family life. Do you recognize yourself? Do you recognize a friend or acquaintance?These are the signs that you are becoming an annoying mother on the Internet.

There are many reports on the way in which mothers interact on the Internet and, specifically, on social networks. I summarize one of them that appeared in the United States that gathers data from 2017. According to the report "Moms and Media 2017" prepared by Edison Research, mothers:

- They spend 3 and a half hours a day surfing the internet.

- More than half (55%) access with their smartphone, thus opening a greater gap year after year between the computer and the mobile.

- 93% of mothers use one or more social networks, increasing the time spent in this environment every year.

- 62% of mothers check their social networks several times a day.

The data is clear, mothers spend a lot of time on social networks but how do we interact in them? Do we use them to inform ourselves? Do we share information? Do we publish personal photos? Do we post our day to day? Maybe all this and much more

It is clear that not all moms share their children's day-to-day, nor theirs, if they share from the rooftops what it means to be a mother, nor do they tell where they are going to go on vacation in summer but, as there are, they do, Maybe you should take a look at these signs to find out if you are becoming an annoying mother on social media.

1. Overexposure: if you publish the photo of your family having breakfast, your traffic jam on the way to work, the crafts you have done with your children in the afternoon, the time of your children's bath and how handsome they are sleeping, consider that yes, you can be a mother tired on social media.

2. You post several photos of the same moment: You are not sure whether to put the photo in which the child smiles, the one with the wink or the one with the frown, so you put all of them. You forget that social media is not a family album.

3. You exaggerate your children's achievements: the child may have made a nice drawing and you publish it with great fanfare as if it were Picasso himself. You praise the choice of colors, the definition of their shapes and the artistic abilities that he has as if there is no tomorrow. It is clear, your son is the most of the masses.

4. You give too much information: Is it really necessary to tell that your son pooped for the first time in the toilet? And relate the state of the situation step by step? Sure your friends like to see the photos of your children from time to time but no, really, they do not need so many details.

5. Post about the benefits of motherhood: If you have already written the post about being a mother is the best experience in the world, you have made it clear that there is nothing comparable, and that also those who have not been a father do not know what it is to be complete ... yes, you have fallen into the kitsch and the heaviness of a very hackneyed message. There are people who fulfill themselves in other ways and there are other ways of living life that can complete people, even without having children.

6. You are a judge of other mothers: If another mother has not breastfed her children by choice, or decides to undergo a cesarean section and you have written inflammatory lines about her parenting style, the person reading you may be raising an eyebrow as a sign of not understanding what has happened to you and why have you become "the boss of mothers".

7. You congratulate your children on social networks... even if they can't read or have access to them! They will never read your post, the reality the congratulations to your son for his birthday goes to your friends, a bit convoluted, isn't it?

If you meet all or many of these premises, you should review your relationship with social networks, simply because this type of attitude tends to tire and annoy your followers, no matter how much they love you.

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