The controversial note about 'spoiled children' that will make you reflect

The controversial note about 'spoiled children' that will make you reflect

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Could it be that today's parents spoil our children too much? Could it be that we endow our children with material goods "not suitable" for their age? Could it be that we are offering them 'inadvertently' everything that we could not have as children?

This is the note that a Galician woman found in an outpatient clinic, and that she read while waiting her turn to enter the doctor. His reflection, posted on his Facebook wall, has gone viral. There are opinions for all tastes, of course. Here is the controversial note about 'spoiled children' that has gone viral and will make you think.

The text may use somewhat pejorative words about today's children and adolescents. Yes, maybe it is an aggressive text. You may also think it doesn't affect you, that your children are not part of that 'world of the rich' to which the note refers. But think and look around you ... haven't you seen something similar?

The note refers to rudeness (based on material goods and whims) that today is offered to children and adolescents. They have what they want, when they want, and they aspire to more, always more. You want a mobile, but one that is branded. And those pants that are worn so much, but which coincidentally are also branded; They ask you for that coat that is worn so much and that only costs ... 200 euros!

The woman who made this note viral is a cook and her name is Erun Pazos. Se found the text in an outpatient clinic in Seixo in Marín (Pontevedra, Galicia), while waiting to enter the doctor's office. The reflection, along with the text, reached his Facebook wall, with this reflection: 'This is reality ...... waiting in the doctor's office I find this reflection':

The note says things like:

'(...) 10-year-old boys with 600-turkey mobiles, 15-year-olds with 500-euro hair extensions, 18-year-old beardless with 24,000-euro cars, 300-turkey sunglasses, 200-euro pants, sneakers 150 euros, students who take trips abroad for 1500 euros to countries where their parents will never go in their lives (...).

But the note does not only express a complaint (with sometimes somewhat vulgar words), it includes a positive reflection and it gives us an idea of ​​what we really do well ...

'We give them the freedom to decide that we did not have, we give them studies that we did not have, vacations that we did not have, and many more things that we could not dream of. That is good manners. The rest is spoiling them ... and distorting the reality of their lives, since they will live better off as children than as adults. Give your children love, baby education, respect and wisdom, the rest will be achieved by themselves...'.

Given this note, there are answers for all tastes: from some parents who think that this writing refers only to the children of the 'richest' and that it does not affect them at all, even those who recognize that we are spoiling our children, pampering them too much and destroying values ​​such as effort.

The reflection that comes to us from this note is the following: what are we doing wrong? Are we educating our children well? Sure, we make mistakes, just as our parents and our parents' parents did. Perfection does not exist, and at every moment there are certain errors that manage to mold us. We are as we are the result of a series of successes and errors. But we survived. Just like our children will Despite these common mistakes among parents today:

1. Overprotection. Perhaps out of fear that our children will suffer more than necessary, today's parents are especially overprotective. Perhaps in our childhood we suffered many 'fights' or our parents scold us excessively. Maybe we had to endure a lot of punishments at school. And it is something that we do not want our children to suffer. Hence, we tend to be overprotective parents, without realizing that what we suffer so much as children is what deep down made us strong and fighters.

2. Give priority to material goods. Let's face it: few parents today lived comfortably. The vast majority did not have much money. Hence, the gifts from the Magi did not arrive in the form of a mountain of toys and we were content to receive a new case for school and a year, finally ... the long-awaited bicycle! Today children receive gifts from everywhere and many rooms look like authentic toy store windows. The saddest thing is finding children who lose their enthusiasm for material things. Those kids you ask ... what are you looking forward to on your birthday? ' and they don't know what to answer. Or perhaps they will reply with a terrifying: 'Nothing'. Normal. They already have it all.

3. Absence of securities. Values ​​are the pillars of education. And it also ensures a peaceful and harmonious coexistence with others. Many older people warn us about the absence of values ​​in children and we hardly realize it. We avoid their frustrations (which destroys the value of effort), we flatter them too much (which destroys the value of humility) ...

4. Absent parents. It is not easy to reconcile work life and family life. The absence of time to spend with children makes us try to resort to material gifts over emotional gifts. Big mistake. In reality, children do not need so many toys, but someone to share them with. And the child who feels that his parents are absent will grow up with a terrible emptiness that will mark him forever.

5. Lack of rules and limits. Many experts call the current generation 'the soft generation'. Not only because they are overprotected, but also because they have not faced a series of basic rules and limits. Having no limits or norms, he does not have a reference, a path, and many of these children end up growing up with terrible emotional and behavioral problems.

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