How to know if my baby needs water

How to know if my baby needs water

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With the arrival of the baby there are many new situations that we face, some of them are situations that do not recur frequently, such as diseases, although they seem more frequent than desired, but others, such as their diet, are repeated daily so many times that we quickly become experts. However, suddenly the temperatures rise and everything changes, Is it normal for him to demand food more frequently? Does my baby need water?

With the arrival of high temperatures, babies need more water. However, although it seems to contradict this, nursing babies do not need us to offer them water if they are exclusively breastfeeding, let's see the reasons.

Breast milk is a living food that evolves with the baby, with his age, throughout each day and even within the same feeding. At the beginning of the feeding, the milk has a more watery appearance and is usually richer in water and lactose, to quench baby's thirst, while the milk at the end of the feed is characterized by being thicker and having more fat to satisfy your appetite.

Hence the importance of breastfeeding on demand, because it is the only way to ensure that the infant gets all the nutrients, including fat, that it will only get if it is left enough time on the breast.

By offering water to our baby, we are occupying part of his little stomach with a food that provides nothing more than hydration, and we jeopardize our baby's ability to obtain all the nutrients it needs for proper growth and development.

Breast-fed babies often take shorter and more frequent feedings on hotter days to ensure that their bodies get all the water it needs to maintain proper hydration. This does not mean that the baby is hungry or needs bottles or complementary feeding early.

Formula milk has a constant supply of nutrients, and in the case of babies fed with formula milk exclusively, it will be the bottle that ensures their water supply, so you will need to drink less milk more often to quench your thirst. We must never alter the composition of the artificial milk and the amount of water and powder recommended by the manufacturer must always be respected.

It is true that all babies, especially if they are newborns, have difficulties controlling their body temperature, so as far as possible we must ensure that they are in an environment as cool as possible these days, but we must only offer them water from 6 months, whether they are fed with breastfeeding or artificial feeding.

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