Erroneous myths about children's health associated with good weather

Erroneous myths about children's health associated with good weather

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Spring is advancing, it is in those days when after a long autumn and winter we begin to enjoy the so-called “good weather”. It does not hurt that we remember some false myths related to children's health, and with this more pleasant weather.

- Digestion cut. Digestion is a process that does not stop, unless some extreme circumstance motivates it. And bathing in a pool or in the sea is not. What can happen on hot days, after suddenly submerging ourselves in cold water, is that our blood pressure drops. And as a result of this drop, we can experience a feeling of dizziness. In a small percentage of cases, syncope (loss of consciousness) may occur. For this reason, a gradual and progressive exposure in cold water is recommended. If we do this, no problem has to occur.

- The sun is always bad. This is not the case, although the most prudent thing is for doctors to advise limited sun exposure in time to avoid real problems (sunburn, skin cancer). But exposing any part of our body to the sun for a maximum of fifteen minutes / day, two or three times a week, without sun protection, helps to activate the synthesis of vitamin D. And this active vitamin D favors the mineralization of our bones . This exposure to the sun, we remember, must be limited in time. We must also take advantage of the least harmful hours of the sun: first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon.

- Hydration with juices is highly recommended. The best way we have to hydrate our body is by drinking water. Alternative: let's take pieces of seasonal fruit. The summer season is full of fruits with high water content (watermelon, melon, water pear ...). The whole fruit provides intrinsic sugars, which are beneficial for health. Juices, on the other hand, even though they are natural, have a high load of free sugars, which are those that are involved in the appearance of overweight, obesity, adverse cardiovascular effects and cavities.

- My son already knows how to swim, and I can leave him alone in the pool. You have to have a hundred thousand eyes with your child (pun intended), especially in domestic swimming pools and / or in the pools of small urbanizations and without external surveillance by a lifeguard. Any carelessness on our part can be fatal, even if your child already knows how to swim.

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