Recipes and meals for a celiac child

Recipes and meals for a celiac child

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If it is difficult for an adult to eat a gluten-free diet, imagine what it means for a child to stop eat food without floursuch as cookies, pasta, or battered foods. Thinking this way, anyone gets discouraged, but there is no reason to despair. There are battered foods, cookies and pasta, specially prepared without gluten. They have a different flavor, but we get used to everything and get used to it.

The difficult thing is to control is the feeding of the child in his social life when they invite you to parties and birthdays. For this reason, some tips to keep in mind in these situations may be helpful.

The key to treatment is in the correct management of the child's feeding. It is important to educate the child in dietary guidelines established by the pediatrician. With a good choice of food, the child can lead an absolutely normal life. Good feeding management also includes controlling the child's diet in varied social situations.

From the beginning, it is convenient inform the child of the foods that you can eat and those that do not suit you so that you can control on excursions, on walks, at birthday parties, at school, in the dining room, at camps, at friends' houses or neighbors. In these special situations, it is important that there is control over the feeding of the celiac child.

At school, for example, teachers and the principal must be informed about the diet to be followed. The child must be aware of what he cannot eat and, if possible, prepare a special snack so you don't have to share the same foods as your peers. Those responsible for the dining room should also be notified, requesting a targeted diet.

1. At camps and picnics, it is important to have fun and take care of yourself, and of fundamental importance to communicate to the responsible people about the care they should take.

2. On birthdaysDepending on who organizes it, it is convenient that you bring an exclusive snack to the child or give him a snack before the party and suggest to the hosts what are the prohibited foods and those allowed for your child.

3. On plane trips should be consulted in advance about the services ofcatering, and if they include meals for celiacs.

We propose a menu of gluten-free recipes for celiac children.

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