Ideas to teach the child to grasp the pencil well

Ideas to teach the child to grasp the pencil well

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Surely we all remember our school years and the peculiar ways that some of our classmates had in taking the pencil. My friend from school, Cris, would take the pencil between her index and middle fingers, and make a very nice handwriting, I, without going any further, still have the mark on my middle finger (a slight bulge), due to excessive grip on the pencil or pen.

Well, stop teach the child to hold the pencil wellFirst, I invite you to reflect on how you take it, since the best teaching is the one we give by example.

It is appropriate to offer the boy and the girl, from an early age, situations in which they can manipulate with their hands so that they acquire manual skills in a respectful way. I already told you some in another article, and do not forget this first part of natural stimulation to enhance those fine motor skills.

Once the time has come to get started on the stroke, it is appropriate explain how we advise you to take the pencil or pen. The most appropriate way to do this is by clamping on the pen with the thumb plus the index finger, and in turn leaning slightly on the middle finger.

For them to learn this position, we will use our own example and in turn we can go modeling his fingers, to get the right position. Yes, it is true that there are girls and boys who use the tweezers that I explained above, in addition to the middle finger. Well, if the little one is comfortable, it is not necessary to force the correction. Above all, the posture must be ergonomic and natural.

Today there are on the market, on the one hand, pencils that facilitate by design, hold it with the correct posture, that is to say, that the writing utensil itself already has the appropriate slits to place the fingers, therefore, this will facilitate the best acquisition of that skill. In addition, it is advisable that the smaller the boy or the girl, the larger the pencil or paint.

On the other hand, we also find in the market, adapters of various shapes, for boys and girls who have greater difficulty to hold the pencil correctly, and these adapters can be put both in paintings and in pencils or other writing instruments.

And here, I also give you two simple techniques to do both at home and at school:

- Technique of the ball of paper or plasticine: this will be placed under the little and ring fingers, so that it is also held with the palm. In this way the other fingers are released and you can write like this.

- Elastic band technique: it is placed on the wrist and is rotated over the top of the wrist, leaving a gap to insert the pencil. This helps improve grip and lean.

Finally, add, as usual in my line of upbringing and education, respect for the development of the child, and respect for its rhythms. Teach from empathy and not from pressure. Do not scold if you do not achieve the goal and continue working our patience as educators.

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