What should we do when the child asks us for a next-generation mobile or brand clothes?

What should we do when the child asks us for a next-generation mobile or brand clothes?

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It is not something new. I remember that when I was about 10 years old, I did not become part of the group of the most “popular” because instead of Puma brand shoes, they bought me Jumas, which although they pretended to be the same, it turns out that they were not ... or so less so my classmates thought, that they made fun of my sneakers every day until I forgot them in the closet to my mother's absolute dismay.

Now, it is named after one of those very fashionable anglicisms, Brand Bullying, and it is not limited only to clothes, or the three-story case, but also extends to technology and video games.

We tell you What can we do when the child asks us for the latest generation mobile or brand clothes by social pressure.

It is the fear of children, especially adolescents, of being rejected when they do not carry the latest mobile phone, do not play the latest game on the console, or wear the clothes that set trends.

Peers subject the child to teasing or isolation, which little by little is undermining their self esteem and it becomes a real ordeal for him.

This happens mainly because we have immersed ourselves in a brutal consumer society where the deficits that we experience are calmed by buying: that my boyfriend left me, I bought some shoes; that I am stressed at work, I buy myself a last generation mobile; or even, that I have separated from my partner and the child is suffering, we give the child the console that we cannot afford, and thus we do not we feel so guilty.

The lack of time with our children, of games, of listening to them, of cuddles and hugs are usually compensated with gifts, instilling in the child that true value of things are the materials. You can't have us, but don't complain that you have the best mobile that exists.

Without a doubt, this type of behavior is the result of the culture of the parents. We ourselves want to mark the social status to which we belong according to the technology that accompanies us or our clothes, although this status is not real. We prefer to attend to the aspect that we radiate abroad rather than the true primary needs. Thus, we see families with a significant economic gap but who dress like real Reggaeton stars.

If we believe that buying what you ask for is the solution to all your problems, we are very wrong. The only thing you will get is perpetuate the situation.

Although it may seem otherwise, our children do not seek material things, but our attention and time. Therefore, if we give in to pressure from others, apart from economic disaster that you can do in your pocket without need, we will be transmitting to the child the wrong valuesIn addition to placing the child in a social status that is not theirs, and looking for friends who have moral values ​​that leave much to be desired, with which the result will be a source of problems in the future.

We must have a little common sense, and educate the child in the really important values. Make him reflect on the little importance and volatility of fashions, and that with this he will not be happier, but you will get him into a endless shopping spiralas there will always be something new that he will want to have.

It is not about making our children some "weird bugs”And that they are not part of the group, the main concern of adolescents, but rather of having such firm convictions that they even influence the rest. It is about making them more autonomous, and with more self-confidence.

Obviously we must serve as an example and become part of those parents who exercise the guilt-free consumption, giving importance to what really has it: the most basic needs, the time we spend with them and the love we give them.

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