Contract for the good use of the Internet between parents and children

Contract for the good use of the Internet between parents and children

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The Internet is a fascinating world that attracts the interest of children very quickly. However, it is not without its dangers. You learn to surf the Internet, and obviously, to obtain good results (and without risks), it is best to make good use of both the computer and the tablet and smartphone.

We offer you a Agreement to be signed by parents and children (under 13 years old), an idea of ​​the National Police of Spain that we think may be a step to establish limits when letting our children surf the Internet. Pay attention to this contract for the good use of the Internet between parents and children.

The biggest fear parents have when giving a tablet or smartphone to their children (a 'star' gift on birthdays, Christmas or First Communion) is the use they will make of the internet and social networks. Aware of this concern, the Social Networks Group of the Spanish National Police has drawn up this contract or agreement between parents and children under 13 years old when using devices connected to the Internet. Here you have it:

1. The parents and the minor they will make the purchase together, in a rational way, they will avoid being victims of fraud or buying possible stolen material. They will keep the guarantee, invoice of the mobile or electronic device to be purchased and any data of interest (such as the PUK or IMEI), as well as the accessories that it includes, in case they are needed later.

2. ('Child's name') will start using the new terminal with one of the parents and they will configure it together, in addition to installing apps and / or programs or games, trying to have the ones that are going to be used or can be useful, no more. Both parties will know what profits and risks each have, in order to avoid surprises.

3. If the new owner of the gadget is still small, they will be installed parental filters, by mutual agreement. In any case, it will install antivirus ... and you will always be careful when opening strange links or installing programs or files from untrustworthy sources, to avoid malware getting into it. Parents and the new user will install mobile and tablet tracker apps that allow managing and recovering their content in case of loss and patches, plasters or mere heat to cover the webcam and thus prevent the use of the webcam by others on computers and laptops.

4. ('Child's name') agrees to his parents from the beginning to use the mobile always complying legal rules and regulations of the school (if allowed), as well as any other venue or entity that marks them in their free time.

5. The new user agrees to also comply from the beginning rules of responsible, intelligent and respectful / educated use towards others at home. The new user will demonstrate that he is old enough to respect the hours, spaces and times in which the new device can be used.

6. The new user assumes that, until he is a little older, their parents or trusted elders will always know the access codes and passwords of your new gadget and of mail, pages, games, photos and videos, apps, for possible supervision in security, privacy and adequate and respectful image of the content and actions that it performs.

7. Parents agree not to read or supervise other than strict checking, respect the privacy of the new user with your REAL friends and understand that you have your own space to discuss your issues with your contacts, as long as the rules and others are respected.

8. The new user and their parents will understand that this initial monitoring and control will relax as they grow and show their responsibility and prudence in the proper use of technology and the Internet. Each age has a certain security.

9. Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...), like other online platforms, have a minimum age set (13 or 14) for something: either you wait to have it ... or you should share that profile with one of your parents ...

10. In their online relationships (social networks, websites, forums, online games ...), the new user you won't add anyone you don't know in your real life… You will distrust everything they tell you and avoid providing personal data to anyone.

11. In case of having problems, doubts or being harassed by anyone through the Internet, the user will tell their parents, to find a solution to the situation. If it were in the school environment, they will talk to the teachers in charge. And if it is a serious situation, parents can consult it or report it to the Police.

12. The new mobile user agrees not to take or share any intimate photos or that their relatives would not find it appropriate ... In the event that something offensive or harmful to someone arrives, they will delete it and demand that it not be forwarded.

13. The new user will leave at night charging the mobile, tablet and other devices in a common area of ​​the house and he won't take them to bed.

14. The new user agrees not to use the Internet or mobile phone to harass, humiliate, offend or annoy any classmate, neighbor or acquaintance. And he will not be an accomplice to these cyberbullying actions, neither by forwarding nor with his silence: he will ask his contacts for that same respect for all.

15. The new user avoid sharing offensive, anti-privacy or inappropriate material in whatsapp groups: if he is older to use it, also to respect people.

16. The new user will know how it works, what risks and what conditions of use each app, game, program and possible added costs have, to avoid surprises.

17. The new user has carefully read this user manual / agreement with parents and understands all the responsibilities it entails, not just the benefits. By signing it, you accept them and agree to comply with them.

18. The new user will ALWAYS answer calls from their parents to know that it's okay.

19. The new user will be the one who masters the technology and not the other way around: he will avoid addictions and the permanent or addictive connection to a chat, forum, game.

20. The utility, respect and intelligent, legal, responsible, safe, private and rational use of technology will prioritize any decision regarding the new gadget. ENJOY IT!

The father, the mother or both The new user

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