The counselor crab. Poetry about education for children

The counselor crab. Poetry about education for children

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We all know that the example of parents is a basic pillar in education of the kids. And that the best thing when it comes to getting our children to obey and respect us is to set a good example.

You can explain this to your son, and in passing reflect with him on this subject, thanks to this beautiful poetry, 'The counselor crab', by Rafael Pombo, a well-known Colombian poet who left us precious poems to read to children in his work 'Fables and Stories'.

Always go straight,

dear little daughter

(Mom Krabs told him

a Cangrejita);

To be good

when you order.

-Mother- answers that one-,

i will follow you,

I do not want in any case

contradict you.

Go ahead,

giving me the example

I will do it instantly.

(Rafael Pombo, From the book "Fables and stories")

Has your son been attentive? Will you be able to understand what this short poem meant? Test if your child understood poetry. You can help yourself with these questions:

  1. Who was the crab with?
  2. What does mother crab ask her daughter?
  3. Will the crab obey?
  4. What does the crab say to her mother that she wants her mother to do?

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