Stimulate children's love of nature

Stimulate children's love of nature

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Love of nature is also taught and learned. The World Environment Day It is celebrated on June 5, but any day is good to stimulate the love for nature in our children.

It is very important that, from a young age, let's stimulate children's love for nature so that they learn to love and appreciate the natural world and to act in correspondence with these feelings, contributing to its care and preservation.

On the occasion of this celebration, the World Association of Early Childhood Educators (AMEI-WAECE) gives us 10 basic tips so that we can instill in children love and respect for nature and the environment:

1- Familiarize your child with the natural things in his environment: plants, birds, insects, trees, flowers, etc. in a natural environment close to home. Make sure the child becomes aware of the park as a pleasant place to enjoy and where plants, animals, trees, etc. coexist.

2- When you return home, you can sensitize the child -through a comparison- about environmental issues regarding the contamination of their immediate surroundings: noises, fumes, smells, dirt from the streets and water, etc.

3- Provide experiences through which he can understand the transformation of nature due to the influence of climate changes and natural phenomena such as rain or drought (wet-dry), hot-cold, etc.

4- Value the work of the people who take care of the city: trash cans, street sweepers, gardeners, etc., and reflect with your child about what would happen if those professions didn't exist.

5- Help him to know the plants and flowers: their external parts, the care they need, what they provide us, the classes and names, etc. That he discover how they are born and grow, that they need to breathe and feed to grow like us, etc. You can also encourage the child to plant seeds and take care of the growth of the plant by checking the need for sunlight and water, so that it grows.

6- Bring your child closer to the animal world. That he who knows and understands the way of life, the needs, the care that we must have with birds, dogs, cats, ants, snails, etc. and how to love and respect them.

7- Visit, at least once a year, together with your children natural science museums. It is no excuse that this visit is made with the school, it must also be done accompanied by their parents. When you get home, comment on what you have seen, have the child share his impressions and draw pictures of what has impressed him the most.

8- You can see together the TV shows and / or documentaries in videos about nature and natural phenomena (animals, plants, volcanoes, hurricanes, etc.).

9- Encourage affection towards nature it is also to warn about the precautions to be taken to avoid wasp, spider or other animal stings. Do not encourage fear, it is about knowing and loving Nature, without taking risks.

10- Environmental education must be understood as education in values ​​and coexistence. A child will take care of the environment if he takes care of himself. He will hardly respect the environment if he does not respect himself and others.

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