Listening to what we read improves children's reading

Listening to what we read improves children's reading

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Reading whatever text you have in front of you requires putting the senses of your sight and your hearing.

We see written words because the letters come to us through our eyes, and then we hear the words because we are able to imagine how it sounds the set of letters we just saw.

We tell you why listening to what we read improves children's reading.

This ability to imagine how written words sound is a complex process and brain maturation is needed to make this relationship between sight and hearing.

We can say that reading implies telling ourselves a story explained by another person, for that reason and although it may not seem like it, the Listening ability is directly related to reading.

To learn to read, it is not valid for the child to listen to and listen to any voice, but it must be his, who will be in charge of telling the stories that are explained in the texts he ends up reading.

Train the ability to listen to oneself is essential when helping our children learn to read, since thanks to this the child can understand what they have read. Otherwise, it is likely that, when faced with any phrase or text, the child knows how to say word for word what the writing tells, but later he will not be able to understand what he has read.

So when a child gets written words to be heard inside, they will have read.

Hear what we are saying It is also something that is trained, and it is especially interesting to practice this with children, especially with children who do not know how to repeat what they just explained just a few minutes or even seconds ago.

Sometimes it can even happen that, when speaking, the child changes one word for another without realizing it and continues speaking without correcting the wrong word, even becoming absurd what he has said.

If this is the case with your child, I encourage you to train this ability to listen to yourself.

As you can see, to get a good reading we need a long time of learning and training in which it will not be enough to learn to join the letters of the alphabet, but other requirements related to the alphabet are needed. attention and concentration of the child.

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