How is the relationship of Capricorn mothers with the children of the Cancer sign

How is the relationship of Capricorn mothers with the children of the Cancer sign

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Cancer children are difficult and sensitive children, who must be treated with tact and care, on the other hand, Capricorn mothers are not exactly the most subtle educating their children, but they are demanding mothers who do not like their children navigating between dreams and diffuse realities .

If you want to know what the Capricorn mothers relationship with their Cancer children, here we tell you.

Capricorn mothers are mothers who know how to give security to their children, who sacrifice like no other to form warm and comfortable homes so that your little suckers grow with ease.

They are lovers of effort and work, and when they visualize a goal they do not stop until they achieve it. Are persevering and they are capable of overcoming all the problems that stand in the way of their goal.

As mothers they can be a littlerumbling and heavy, since they are demanding, maniacs of order and work, excessively controlling and little given to daydreams.

They love to offer routines and their life is based on traditions, ensuring that there are as few alterations and changes as possible.

As against, they are mothers quite distantThey lack affection and it is difficult for them to show their affection.

Cancer children also like to enjoy home and quiet games. They are great readers and do not usually like adventures, but prefer the environment safety.

Their high sensitivity makes them suffer a lot. They are very susceptible and it is not difficult for them to feel threatened, and even deeply hurt in their ego for any reason, no matter how insignificant it may be.

Cancer children are very dependent on their mothers, since they are very insecure and need constant approval from them. They demand to be respected, and if they feel that this is not happening, they have a very bad character that they tend to take out when the adversary least expects it.

They are children who must learn to adapt to others, prone to loneliness, that they never forget the offenses, which usually causes them many inconveniences on an internal emotional level.

They are children jealous, with a very good memory and a great lack of realism.

In general, Capricorn mothers have a good relationship with your children of the sign Cancer. They have many points in common: love for home and family, tranquility, security, and traditions; however the tendency of Cancer children to create your own unreal world it's something Capricorn mothers don't understand. They prefer that their children put their feet on the ground and strive to achieve their dreams, but it is enough for Cancerians to imagine those dreams even if they never reach them.

They are children undemanding, prone to loneliness, and with a high sensitivity that tends to separate them from the crowds, preferring familiar corners where they are comfortable.

Capricorn mothers should be especially careful when giving them orders that are too strict, since their high sensitivity can make them feel damaged easily and tend to move away from them little by little.

They need constant love and affection, and although Capricorn mothers have a hard time giving it, they will have to make an effort if they do not want their children to suffer a nervous breakdown caused by the influence of the moon on them, the satellite that dominates the character of this sign.

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