Foods to calm a cough in children

Foods to calm a cough in children

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Coughing is a reflex of the body that helps keep the throat and airways clear. It is true that we all find it annoying, especially at night, but coughing is beneficial as it helps the body expel mucus or foreign bodies. Be that as it may, can we help the child to fight it? These are 5 foods to calm coughs in children and help them rest.

Depending on the type of cough, it can last for about two weeks or far exceed this time. As parents we are greatly overwhelmed by seeing our son with a cough, since we see how uncomfortable he is and the difficulties he has, especially sleeping, but the truth is that the cough is cured without the need for medications, which, by step, they are not recommended in young children.

Some foods can help calm a cough:

  • Water. Good hydration is the best way to soothe coughs in children, as water helps to expel mucus if the cough is wet and soothes throat irritation in the case of a dry cough.
  • Warm soup or broths. It appears scientifically proven that hot liquids such as soup or bouillon have an anti-inflammatory effect that can help soothe the sore throat that sometimes causes a dry cough. In addition, given their water content, they are ideal to ensure hydration. Chicken soup is popularly claimed to be the most beneficial for this effect.
  • Foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the immune system, and, unfortunately, there are no deposits in the body, so a good daily intake is necessary for health and especially for protection against colds. Citrus fruits and berries are rich in vitamin C, as well as kiwi, tomatoes and broccoli.
  • Honey. Honey is traditionally known for its antitussive properties, as well as being an antimicrobial that can help fight infection. Care must be taken not to offer honey to children under one year of age and to do so with caution thereafter, given the risk of botulism that it can carry.
  • Condiments, herbs and spices. Thyme is approved in some countries as a treatment for cough, and as a general remedy against respiratory infections that occur with cough, because it contains, on the one hand, components capable of stopping coughing, and on the other, flavonoids capable of relaxing the windpipe, facilitating the expulsion of mucus with a softer cough. Black pepper is related to a decrease in the viscosity of mucus, making it easier to expel. Garlic is another condiment that is related to an improvement in cold symptoms, including cough, and onion, in addition to the fumes that are generated when cutting it, are very beneficial to combat dry coughs.

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