Homemade spinning top. Easy recycling craft for kids

Homemade spinning top. Easy recycling craft for kids

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Crafts are one of the best ways to entertain children. We can also teach them values ​​such as respect for nature with recycling crafts, such as this rotating disk.

Sonia Varte, from the blog Gustamontón, proposes to parents and readers of, a very simple and easy to make children's craft, which will be used to make a colorful and colorful toy with the children.

  • A CD that does not work
  • A marble
  • A plastic bottle cap
  • Silicone gun or liquid silicone
  • Stickers

Tips: Use adhesives to make several different tops.

1. We decorate the CD and the plastic cap with the stickers.

2. We place the marble under the CD, inside the hole in the center.

3. We turn the CD over, holding the marble from the bottom. We apply hot silicone or liquid silicone around the marble.

4. Let it dry.

5. Inside the plastic cap, we also apply a good amount of hot silicone or liquid silicone.

6. We stick the cap in the center of the CD (on top of the marble) and wait for it to dry.

7. Now you just have to turn the cap hard and you have a fun spinning disk!

Sonia Varte
Blog Gustamontón
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