What should never contain a children's snack

What should never contain a children's snack

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The snack is basically the recharge of energy that we offer to our children after school. After the school day, and to cope with extracurricular sports or intellectual activities, children need to replenish macro and micronutrients that help them cope with the mental and physical effort they will make in the rest of their daily shift until dinner. Yes indeed, you should avoid making these mistakes with children's snacks.

Despite the importance of restoring strength in a healthy way after the school day, not all children eat snacks, and more and more they do it in front of the television, increasing infantile sedentary lifestyle and the risk of obesity.

In general, the snack is a food highly appreciated by children and that does not usually generate complications, since they usually accept almost any food with pleasure, since they are hungry after the effort made in school.

Normally, the recommendations for the snack suggest offering complex carbohydrates (bread: bar, breadsticks, Mexican tortillas ...), dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, smoothies ...), fruits and protein foods (ham, cold cuts, hummus, egg …), Well combined or individually if the child is not very hungry or if it is time for dinner.

However, it is not done the necessary emphasis on foods to avoid in children's snacks, and that, unfortunately, they become increasingly important in the afternoons of the little ones in the house.

  • Industrial bakery: There is nothing wrong with the occasional child having a piece of sponge cake or a homemade muffin, since we know and control the ingredients we add to it. However, if you look at industrial pastries - sweets, donuts, filled cakes ... - they all have common ingredients that make them unhealthy: refined sugar and partially hydrogenated or trans fats.
  • Salty snacks: In addition to the amount of fat that these appetizers provide - potato chips, corn, wheat or potato appetizers - due to their production process, which in a high percentage goes through a frying phase by immersion in oils, they provide very high amounts. high salt. Salt is another ingredient that is harmful to health that we must exclude from our children's diet as much as possible.
  • Industrial juices and other sugary drinks: Juices should not be, at any time, substitutes for fresh fruit, not even natural juices, due to the increased ease of access to sugar in fruit - which increases the risk of cavities - and the decrease in the amount fiber, generally present in the pulp, which is eliminated after squeezing. However, industrial juices contain even more sugar than natural ones, this fact being even more relevant in those juices that come from concentrates and in the so-called fruit nectars.

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