The sun and the cloud. Children's poem about tolerance

The sun and the cloud. Children's poem about tolerance

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Tolerance and respect are two very important values ​​in the education of children. They are essential to learn to live in society in a civilized way.

Teaching children to tolerate and respect through dialogue is possible, but sometimes stories, fables and poetry help us more and better to convey the message. This children's poem about tolerance: The sun and the cloud is one such example.

At the same time,

for the same place

the sun and the cloud

They go for a walk.

Get out of the way!

Get back here

let my rays

can heat up.

Just like you are

I can be me!

Protest the cloud

in front of the sun.

A child on Earth

play with the sand

see how they argue

and says with pity:

Heaven is home

of the sun and planets,

stars and clouds

the moon and comets.

Why are you fighting?

The sky is very big

one with the other

you must be tolerant

The child looks at them

Waiting answer,

the sun and the cloud

now they are ashamed

They learn from the child

the cloud and the sun

that the world belongs to everyone

A great lesson!

Help your children to understand the meaning of the poem through the questions that we propose below:

  • What two elements are the stars of this poem?
  • What happened to them?
  • Who teaches them that they are not to fight?
  • What lesson do they learn?

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