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This children's story teaches how important it is to make friends to be happy and to have friends you don't have to always be angry for no reason or in a bad mood. Putting a smile on your face can change a sad day for a happy one.

Her name was Isabel and everyone said she had a queen's name. And that was not so strange, because Isabel would one day be queen, that for that I was a princess and lived in a palace and he had servants to whom he gave orders without stopping, dressed in precious stones that he quickly got tired of and all those luxurious things that fairy tale princesses have. Isabel also had such a clumsy dragon that she always had to punish him in a corner and a father who liked to contradict her.

But Isabel, with her queen's name and all her luxuries, did not smile much or feel very happy. She was angry all day because she had no friends, but she had no friends because she was angry all day. So one day, he decided to call his fairy to fulfill his wish ...

- It was about time you showed up! Come on… quick… fulfill my wishes: I want to have friends!

The fairy, who did not like at all to be spoken to in bad ways, exclaimed in her whistling voice:

- A little kindness, miss. With those manners you will never have a friend. Friends are spoken to with affection, things are asked please. I leave! I see you don't need me ...

And the fairy disappeared. Isabel got angry, screamed, cried with rage and finally, very softly, asked please, please, please, for the fairy to come back. And as I had asked please, the fairy returned.

- Before knowing the world and having friends, you must learn to smile. You cannot be angry all day, dear princess!

And as he said it, he touched the princess with his magic wand. A second later, Isabel was surrounded by mud next to a house that smelled worse than the tower in which she kept her dragon.

- Why did this fairy bring me here? Gross!! If there are only animals here. So how am I going to have friends, how can I not get angry all the time!

Isabel continued walking very angry among all those cows that bellowed and those chickens that followed her everywhere. Until a boy was found snoring in a chair next to a sheepdog. But in addition to snoring, that boy had the biggest and prettiest smile I'd ever seen.

Isabel waited for the boy to wake up. Maybe, he thought, he can be my friend. But Isabel's patience was as small as her smile, so not two minutes had passed when the snoring of the child began to bother her, the huge smile on his mouth and above all ... that he did not wake up for her!

- But hoooooooooooooooo… that's fine! Stop snoring !! - Isabel said as she shook him very angry.

The boy woke up a bit confused, but still smiling.

- What a pleasant surprise! A girl to play with! Although a little angry girl ...

- I'm not angry!! - Isabel exclaimed very angry.

The boy did not seem to be perturbed by Isabel's screams, on the contrary, he was very happy to have company even if it was the company of that angry princess and he was so kind and so smiling that Isabel's anger was gone in a flash. The boy, who always smiled, told him that his name was Miguel and that he lived alone on that farm, but that he did not feel alone because all those animals were his friends. Isabel, in turn, told him that in her palace she had horses with wings and even a dragon but that she did not have a single friend.

- Maybe you don't have friends because you spend the day angry ...

- I don't spend the day angry !! - Isabel exclaimed very angry and went to a corner of the farm with a wrinkled face.

Miguel kept playing with the animals without stopping to smile. He looked so happy and his smile was so pretty that Isabel's anger passed. How would Miguel never be angry?

- It is easy. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is smile in the mirror. And with that smile I go everywhere. I smile at the dogs, my cow, the chickens ... I smile even at angry princesses like you! And from smiling so much, joy it gets inside me and everything seems much better and I can no longer find reasons to be angry. Try to do it.

Isabel thought that plan was most absurd. But since I had nothing to lose started to smile. She was so unaccustomed that at first even the muscles in her face ached. But after a while playing with the animals and without stopping to smile, Isabel realized that her face no longer hurt when doing it and that she no longer wanted to be angry. Isabel and Miguel spent the whole afternoon playing with the animals and without stopping to smile. When it was beginning to get dark, suddenly, the fairy appeared.

- Very good Isabel, You have managed to forget your anger and smile! And your wishes have been fulfilled. You have a friend and you will have many more now that you have stopped being angry.

And that's how Isabel started to have friends and stopped being the angry princess forever.

If you want to know if your child has understood the story, ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • What is the princess's name?
  • Why didn't he have friends?
  • What did the fairy tell you to learn to do?
  • What was the name of the boy who was found?
  • What did Miguel teach the princess to do?

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