Christmas story for gluttonous children. Enriqueto the mouse

Christmas story for gluttonous children. Enriqueto the mouse

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When Christmas comes, the streets are filled with lights, the houses with ornaments, and delicious aromas and smells of food begin to come out of the kitchen. Cookies, cakes, roasts ... who does not like to try everything that Christmas brings us? This beautiful story tells of a gluttonous, greedy and gluttonous mouse, who, not being satisfied with Christmas dinner, suffers an accident. But since a lesson is learned from everything, in this case it could not be different. Enriqueto learns that he should not be anxious or go overboard with food. Tell your child this beautiful story about Guatemala so that he learns that everything has a limit, even in food.

Enriqueto was a shy little mouse, with black fur, crooked teeth, crossed eyes and a battered ear. He was orphaned of father and mother and grew up in the company of other mice who did what they could to survive in a market in the city ofGuatemala.

On Christmas Eve, as usual, they had hunger and they decided to go looking for food among the waste in the containers that people were filling around the market.

Our friend Enriqueto, who was very skilled at detecting smells and tastesHe was the head of the search team and the one who got more and better food for the mousy family. That morning he managed to gather pieces of ham, pizza, chorizo, turned beans, nachos, cooked platanitos, French bread, and a few Christmas cookies.

- What a pleasure! - Enriqueto said. All his friends got together and started their Christmas banquet. They ate until their plump, hairy bellies nearly burst.

At the end of 8 o'clock at night, they didn't even move in their caves because they were full. However, Enriqueto decided to go out and see if he could get some dessert. When I was hanging around ... PUM !!! ... ran over a car.

He shot across the road and felt something hot shoot out of his body. It has to be blood. - My God ... I'm dying ... where am I going to go: to the sky of mice or down there, where are they roasted? ... - Enriqueto began to think. In those he was when he no longer felt anything else and fainted.

When he finally opened his eyes, he found himself surrounded by mice dresses in white, and said - "Then yes I died and I must be in heaven" - Suddenly one of them spoke to him, saying:

- Manito Enriqueto ... you finally opened your eyes ... you are alive! - A good scare was what Enriqueto got.

What had really happened was that when his colleagues heard that a car had starry Against the garbage container that Enriqueto was searching, they saw him lying on the sidewalk. They immediately took him and took him to their cave, rubbing his chest with alcohol, stretching his legs and warming him with menthol and candles to warm him up. Enriqueto, seeing himself alive, would not stop crying with joy and vowed not to misbehave again and to be so gluttonous and gluttonous.


MoralGluttony is not good, it will always get us in trouble. Eat in moderation and thank God for what he sends to your table.

(This story has been sent to us by Johanna Martinez de Imeri, Guatemala.)

Reading comprehension is part of learning to read in children. Understand what the text wants to tell us is just as important as being able to read the words.

We leave you a few questions so you can find out if your child has understood the story:

- What did Enriqueto get to eat?

- Why did you get hit by a car?

- Why did you think you were in heaven?

- Do you think it's good to eat so much?

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