Why do your children snore

Why do your children snore

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It is normal for many children, especially in winter period and continuous colds, due to the high presence of mucus, it is difficult for them to breathe through the nose or even through the mouth. But it will be very important to see if these snoring are maintained on a regular basis even without being constipated or with mucus.

I tell yous the main reasons why your children snore and why you should take them to the pediatrician.

It is frequent and totally normal that our young children during a cold and presence of mucus, snore at night. But if this custom continues for longer, it will be important to ask ourselves three questions: Can it be a chronic snorer? Why can you snore? And should you tell our trusted pediatrician or doctor?

Currently, all health professionals already alert families that although it is usual for adults to be a frequent snorer (usually associated with being overweight and with bad habits such as tobacco), it should not be in the case of young children. The most common reasons for this to happen are:

  • Within the cavity of the nose and mouth we have three main structures:vegetations, tonsils and adenoids, if any of them is larger than expected or hypertrophic, can cause snoring noise as air passes through and encounters the obstruction. In these cases, the pediatrician will be able to review these cavities and decide if their measurement can cause snoring and how to solve it.
  • A medical, allergic or infection, respiratory or digestive, can also explain snoring. In these cases, and if habitual snoring is considered, it will also be equally important to consult the pediatrician to check for allergies or infections.

In summary, although as adults snoring is something quite frequent, in children it should be seen as a alert and reason for medical review. Furthermore, in cases where the intensity of snoring is very high, doctors recommend doing a sleep study in order to rule out so-called obstructive sleep apneas.

For all this, we recommend that at night you be subtly attentive to whether your children snore or not, its intensity and its persistent nature. Also, if you lenda lot of attention, you can discriminate two types of snoring; one higher and that occurs at the level of the nose, and another lower and that occurs at the level of the mouth.

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