Tips for the child to leave the diaper without being a real drama

Tips for the child to leave the diaper without being a real drama

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That the child leave the diaper It can be quite a scary challenge for parents. However, we must explain that this is not a challenge for adults, but a conquest of children, such as learning to talk or walk.

We give you some simple tricks for the child to leave the diaper without anyone suffering collateral damage.

We must bear in mind that it is the child who must leave the diaper, not the parents "remove the diaper." This is a natural conquest of the child not an apprenticeship. The secret of successful diaper ditching lies in taking this into account as a dogma of faith.

Tip 1: The child must be psychologically prepared but above all physically. This does not depend on whether or not you are more or less clever, but on your personal maturity. So each child will have their own maturing age, and there is no exact age to put down the diaper. But if you want an estimate, pediatricians say that physical maturation does not usually come before 2 years.

Tip 2: Summer is not always the best time. It is true that wearing a light clothing, it can help parents to change the child more often, even in the case of girls, wearing a dress can be really comfortable, but really the ideal time for the child to leave the diaper not chosen by parents but the child himself, who will be giving us signs that he is already prepared whatever the season of the year.

Tip 3: The child is ready when he becomes interested in wanting to imitate us. When he is bothered by being wet or tells you that he has peed, or when he is curious to sit on the urinal or toilet.

Tip 4: Prepare a whole Propitious environment to go to the bathroom with joy. Buy a potty that the child himself chooses or one that is a lot of fun. There are some who sing when the child pees, or change color, that makes the child very funny. Buy him nice and sexy underwear to motivate you; And you don't have to be staring at it as if it were the World Cup, you can leave it a bit of privacy.

Tip 5: You do not need to carry one cloistered life. Even if the child is leaving the diaper, it does not mean that you have to live close to the potty, there are tricks to get out. For example, I had a shipment in my bag dog poop bags, and if the kids had to poop when we were away from home, I would put them on a tree or a corner, and then pick it up with the bag. There is a more advanced version that is a folding portable urinal that is sold online, and that has its own built-in bag.

Tip 6: We should never force the child to sit on the potty, but ask her if she feels like peeing or pooping. It agrees follow a routine in which you always sit at the same time and in the same place, for example: before going out to the street, or before going to bed.

Tip 7: We should not reward with toys or gifts when he pees or poops, but celebrates the feat with your approval and parties of all kinds.

Tip 8: We should never punish or scold him if he escapes, but motivate him and you can ask him to help you change or clean.

Tip 9: We must mentalize that this is a slow process, and that although it seems that the child learns it quickly, it is normal that they go through moments of regression.

Tip 10: Get a shipment of reserve clothes, you're going to need it. Never go back Keep the child wetting himself, unless you started too early and the child doesn't feel ready.

Tip 11: Do not remove the diaper day and night at the same time. It may take a while for the child to leave the diaper at night, it is totally normal.

Tip 12: If it's a boy it's better than start sitting on the potty, and then stand up.

Y, don't worry if there are setbacks in certain moments of stress, such as the beginning of school, it is totally normal. The important thing is that from now on it will be much more independent, you will save a lot of money, and fewer trees will be cut down.

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