Foods that overweight children should not eat

Foods that overweight children should not eat

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Parents must become aware and seek what is the healthiest and most balanced diet for our children. Unfortunately, although obesity is a very serious health problem, its implications are not usually observed until adulthood, but it is in childhood that these problems begin to develop. These are the foods that overweight children should not eat.

Parents should not blame ourselves for eating disorders or obesity in our children, however, as the closest people who can more easily influence the eating and life habits of children, we have some control and we must use it at our own pace. favor, instilling physical exercise, order in meals and healthy diet as the basis of the education of our children.

That said, if we are in the situation where the problem of being overweight is already evident, we must take measures so that it does not become a chronic problem, or what is the same, that it does not become obesity. What foods should we eliminate from the diet of an overweight child?

  • Sugary drinks. Most of the sugar that children consume comes from beverages: smoothies, juices, carbonated drinks ... all provide an amount of sugar that, in addition to being unnecessary - since they are empty calories, which do not contribute anything - is very unhealthy. The only drinks that an overweight child's diet should include are water and, cautiously, milk.
  • Bread. It is not necessary to eliminate bread from the child's diet, but to eliminate that which contains undesirable additives, such as fats, and that is sliced ​​bread. The most basic bread is the best to not add extra calories, and even better if it is whole grain or with seeds.
  • Sweets and buns. It does not matter if they are industrial or homemade, the pastries should be discarded from the child's diet. Occasionally, at parties or celebrations, they can be consumed, but always in moderation.
  • Cookies and breakfast cereals. Its sugar content is very high, and should be avoided at all costs. There are much healthier options for breakfast for our children, including the traditional toast with oil or tomato, or basic cereals, such as oatmeal, which with blueberries or strawberries are a perfect breakfast.
  • Fried. Any type of food, fried, is highly discouraged in the diet of the overweight child. Croquettes, squid, dumplings or batters, if we want to include them in your diet, we must find another way to cook them, such as in the oven.

In addition to avoiding these foods, we must control the portions that our children consume and encourage outdoor exercise, and it is easy that with a little control, being overweight will stop being a problem.

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