How to make an indoor piñata for children's birthdays

How to make an indoor piñata for children's birthdays

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On a children's birthday, the moment of piñata It is the most anticipated, it puts the end to the great party. What do you think if we combine two star games for all birthdays to make this moment more fun and exciting?

It is a piñata where to get candy and gifts, you will have to try your luck, as in a tombola.


  • Gift Wrap
  • Balloons
  • Compas, scissors, cutter, wide tape, colored tape, pencil
  • Tempera, watercolors
  • Confetti
  • Gift Ornaments
  • Small elastic bands
  • Number stickers
  • Colored cards
  • Silk paper
  • Small toys
  • Candies, sweets
  • Plastic cups. 2 per child
  • A cardboard box of approx 1 m square and a depth of 50 cm

The little ones put their hand in a box, take out a number and look for the winning number in the piñata, tear the paper that covers the glass and they get the award. Ideally, each child should have the opportunity to open two glasses, so you will need to put two glasses per child.

In this case we are going to make a piñata for 25 children, with two glasses per child.

1- Take the cardboard box and cut two upper flaps of the four it has, in such a way that it remains like the doors of a closet. With one of the pieces of cardboard you have cut out, draw a circle with the wide end of a plastic cup. With the compass Trace another smaller size inside the circle (about 1 cm less) so that the glass stays embedded and does not slip through the hole, as shown in the photo. Check with the glass, that it fits well.

Use the circle you cut out as a template to circle the top two flaps. Make as many circles as glasses you are going to put. With the cutter, cut out the circles.

2- Take the tempera or watercolors and color the flaps where you have made the circles. Do it to your liking, the more colorful it is, the better. Let it dry well.

3- The back of the box and the sides, soak them with wrapping paper. You can garnish, stickers, gift ribbon etc. .. to decorate the box. Cover with colored tape and wide tape.

4- It's time to fill the glasses. As it is a raffle, put different things in each glass, in some you can put a special prize, such as a chocolate egg. And lastly, sprinkle confetti in all of them.

5- Now cut out large squares of silk paper, as it is shown in the picture. Put two on top of each glass and then close it with a rubber band. When you have all the glasses closed, number them with the number stickers.

6- The last step will be to fit the glasses in the circles of the box. Place them sautéed, not in numerical order. Be careful when doing so because the silk paper it can be broken.

Once you have them all well fitted, you close the flaps of the box and seal them with wide tape and colored tape.

If you wish, before closing the box, you can put the birthday boy's gift inside and, when the raffle is over, the host will open the doors of the box and his great hidden surprise.

You already have the "Piñata Tombolera" finished. Now make colored paper with the numbers of the glasses and put them in a box and… ..All ready for the game to begin! You will see how it is a sure hit for the birthday party of your little ones.

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