13 names of children of very famous footballers

13 names of children of very famous footballers

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If you are waiting for the arrival of your future child and you have not yet decided what name you will give him, from our site we offer you some ideas based on the names that some of the most famous footballers in the world have chosen for their offspring.

Maybe you can be inspired by all these names, and if you are expecting a baby and you like football, take advantage of one of these names of children of very famous soccer players that you surely know.

Between these names of children of very famous footballers We find a wide variety of proposals from the most classic or common names, to the most original and unusual. In both cases, the celebrity of the parents who have chosen them has led to their use around the world. Here's the list:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo: The well-known Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is the father of four children, two boys and two girls. Their names are as follows. For the first born he has chosen to follow the family saga and has chosen to choose his same name Christian, a Greco-Latin name meaning 'relative to Christ'. He is also the father of twins Eva and Mateo. Eva is a name of Hebrew origin that means "who gives life", while Mateo also of Hebrew origin means "the great gift of God." Finally point to Alana martina, the youngest of the family. Alana is a name of Germanic origin that means ‘harmony’ and Martina is a Latin name and refers to ‘what is related to the god Mars’.
  2. Gerard Piqué and Shakira: Football Club Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué has chosen as names for the two children he has together with Shakira: Milan and Sasha. Milan is a name of Slavic origin and means 'full of grace and love', while Sasha is a name of African origin and means 'precious water'.
  3. Iker Casillas: Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas has two children together with journalist Sara Carbonero. And the names they have chosen for their offspring are Martin and Lucas. Martín is a name of Latin origin and means ‘the man consecrated with Mars’ while Lucas is one of the most used names in Spain and its origin is Greek and means ‘luminous’
  4. Leo Messi: Argentine soccer player Leo Messi is the father of three children whom he has called Thiago, Mateo, like one of Cristiano Ronaldo's twins, and Ciro. Thiago is a name of Hebrew origin and it means "God will give us the reward." While Ciro is a name of Persian origin and although its meaning is confusing, many voices suggest that it would refer to the ‘throne’.
  5. Marcelo: The Brazilian soccer player Marcelo has two children and the names chosen for his offspring are Enzo and Liam. Enzo is a name of German origin and means 'owner of his lands'. It is a name that has become very popular in recent years. On the other hand Liam comes from the abbreviation of the Anglo-Saxon name William, although in recent years the use of this abbreviation as a proper name has become popular. It is a name that means 'protection'.
  6. David Beckham: Among the best known players in the world we also find David Beckham who is the father of 3 offspring: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. Brooklyn refers to one of the five boroughs of New York. Although it is not a proper name as such, the footballer and his wife Victoria Beckham chose this name for one of their children. Romeo is a name of Latin origin and is an ancient name of Rome. Cruz is a name of Greco-Latin origin and refers to the cross of Christ. And finally Harper, a name of English origin. It is an unusual name that symbolizes or means 'musician who plays the harp'.
  7. Cesc Fabregas: The Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas has chosen the name of Bundle for his only daughter. It is a name of Hebrew origin and it means 'the tired woman'.
  8. Sergio Ramos: The Spanish soccer player Sergio Ramos is the father of three children and for them he chose the names of Sergio, Marco and Alejandro. Although the origin of Sergio's name is uncertain, most of the voices suggest that it could be a Latin name and that it would mean "protect or guard." Also Latin is the origin of the name Marco, which means "consecrated to Mars." For his part, Alejandro is a name of Greek origin and means "the protector."
  9. Andres Iniesta: The name chosen for the first daughter of Spanish footballer Andrés Iniesta is Valeria. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'brave, strong'. It is a widely used name throughout the world.
  10. Diego Armando Maradona: Another of the players, currently the world's most famous former player, is the Argentine Diego Armando Maradona who has a daughter whom he has named Dalma. It is a rare name of Latin origin and means 'the one that came from Dalmatia'.
  11. Antoine Griezman: The French footballer has a little girl that he has named Mine, who, let us remember, is also the name of the protagonist of a highly acclaimed musical: La la land.
  12. Diego Costa: Diego da Costa Silva, a Spanish-Brazilian player, has a daughter whom he named Isadora.
  13. Neymar: The famous Brazilian player became a father at just 25 years old. Your little one is called Davi lucca.

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